Baby Don't You Cry...Gonna Bake a Pie...

...well, okay, maybe not a pie-atleast not at this time of night. But MAN could I eat one all to myself right about now! Let me just clue ya in as to what's going on: I'm suffering from the "Missing-My-Soldier-Already" Blues. I know its not deployment, & he's not been gone but a few hours now, but I could really go for his arms around me. Mr Big Stuff will be at Ft. Lewis/Madigan all week for appointments galore. This is good news as it will put us that much closer to closing the Army Medical System chapter in our lives, but I'm SO tired of saying goodbye! Just when life resettles from him being away, he has to pack his bags again. I know God gives us nothing in this life that we can't overcome, but I am wearing down and I know it. This time I was smart & asked for a blessing of comfort while he's away right before he left this afternoon. It was a lovely blessing, and it came on the heels of a most spiritually uplifting day with the Burbank Ward. He stood in as his best friend blessed another baby (BEAUTIFUL blessing!), then for a double treat he followed his friend in bearing testimony during the meeting! He made us all laugh at some of the memories they shared, but touched my heart so purely when he said he knew Heavenly Father places special people in our lives to stand as pillars & examples. He also shared how much he loves & is grateful for his beautiful wife & beautiful daughter! THAT MAN!!! He had me in tears then and again now as I think about it. He's a tender guy, but with his shoulder issues I've learned to deal with the fact that he hurts ALL THE TIME, especially in church sitting still for so long really kills him. That means it hurts him to put his arm around me, so I don't expect it. Today we sat in front of his dad & grandma. While we were singing a hymn, I felt a meek & gentle brush against my left shoulder and looked back to see what Grandma needed. To my shock I found my husband's embrace! Couple those little things with how big the Spirit felt in my heart today and its no wonder I feel a great need to be with my hubby. Sorry for being so blubbery...How many of you have felt this?


Jan the crazy lady said...

He really is a great guy Keely. Glad you had such a wonderful day too. It will go fast this week.

Paula said...

that's why I've started to go with him whenever I can to drill and AT. I'll probably be grabbing onto his ankles kicking and screaming when John is finally deployed, too. It's so great to have good guys to share life with.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I know I've felt it in the past, but with Jeff unemployed I get all I want. Sometimes, I have had enough and I want him to go somewhere. :) Is that bad? Probably.

If I lived over there, I would have baked you a pie. We could've watched Waitress too...now that song will be in my head all day. :)

Anonymous said...

im glad you had a good day. i hope there is someone out there for me that will care for me like that. i cant wait for you guys to come up!

all my love!

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