I don't know if it's Murphy's law or Morton's law, but either way its been one of those weekends. Not initially terrible, just busy...until the "bite."
So it all started early Tuesday morning, when Seth woke up there was this nasty red spider bump with "bite marks" on his upper right arm. We've seen black widows & hobo spiders in our house since we moved in over a year ago, we weren't surprised really. (NOT happy, definitely disappointed to resume the battle, but not surprised.) So, over the week the site became a large red bump which kept getting bigger. Last night around 1045pm, Seth noticed it was a swollen & a bit weepy. He barely applied pressure beside it, and it burst oodles of infection! SOOOOOO disgusting!!! For scale, it was larger than a nickle by comparison and there was streaking towards his armpit.
After much debate, we consulted with a friend of mine who's a nurse. She suggested we get Seth to the ER for antibiotics and a determination of the kind of spider that bit him. So we got there quarter-to-midnight...Seth was finally called back shortly after 3am. The ER doc came into the room & the moment Seth removed his sweatshirt the Dr said, "that's no spider bite." Turns out he sees this "a million times a day"-MRSA!!! You better believe we were caught off guard by THAT one! Turns out its not the kind that's linked with pneumonia (which is what has been fatal in many cases). Still not nice, and dangerous, but its not uncommon supposedly. So, the site was swabbed & then bandaged. Seth was given some antibiotics & we were given instructions for protecting the rest of our home & friends. We weren't with the doc maybe 10 or 15 minutes and then we were headed to 395 for Seth prescription. We were finally home for bed close to 5am...SOOOO PASSED MY BEDTIME FOR CERTAIN! So we stayed home from Stake Conference today to keep everyone safe & defunk bedding & towels, etc.
Now for the pours part, around 1pm an ache started in my throat & behind my lungs-add to that a headache behind my left eye...you guessed it, NOT HAPPY! I'm trying to nurse Seth & myself through the rest of today and keep my fingers crossed that I make it through my half-day tomorrow without infecting ANYONE. So to get through the BLEHCK of the day, I found a great life line which I suggest to ANYONE standing in the shoes of trial: m&m green toe nail polish and the original "ANNIE" movie! The songs carry ya along, and the green toes lift the spirit. Cross my heart! =)
So, from us to you: may you be healthy, strong & safe...and be grateful for what you're given, cause apparently it could always be worse.


:Jan the crazy lady: said...

Boy that is a pouring. Poor Seth and Poor Keely. Do you need anything? Let me know. The green on the toes are way fun.

I got bit by a black widow 5 times once. Yes, it was awful.

Jodi said...

Oh MY GOODNESS!! Yucky pictures! How scary. I'm so glad that you took him to the hospital and figured things out. Yikes!! And now you're sick - you're right, it is pouring (at our house too). ;) Wish the weather would change SOON!

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