Divine providence! I made it through my half-day of patients at work!!! I scrambled into my jammies as soon as I walked in the house this afternoon & was able to take a brief nap. Seth woke me up so he could take me to the doctor...and THAT'S where I got my UMBRELLA! After a culture was taken, it was decided that I DO NOT have strep A (insert hallelujah chorus here). The doc wasn't too sure exactly what my bug is, but he understood my need for relief & that I need to be patient-worthy, so he handed me a script for Z-Pak (practically doing the mexican hat dance at the moment)! So there may not be a break in the clouds (or a break from the hail for that matter), but there's definitely a respite now from the pounding at my back. HOPE YOU ARE ALL HAVING A GREAT WEEK SO FAR!

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Rosie said...

I am so glad you see the "light" at the end of the tunnel. And I am way jealous of your nap for the record.

Those pictures of the gross, infected, discusting, painful, yucky, gross, yes gross, made my kids entertained for a few minutes:)

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