So, giveaways galore throughout the blog universe today...here's a few of worthy mention, headed off first by Heidi's "BOX OF AWESOME!"

Since, apparently, I'm not the only one under the weather these days, how about we share more giveaway sunshine?

  • Here's a week's worth of giveaways at Annette's blog to celebrate her new book, including fragrance inspired by her work!
  • Oodles of shabby chic stuff to be had here.
  • Hungry for some yummy new bags for Spring? Then check out Kathleen's giveaway.
  • If Vintage AND etsy is your deal, then check out WhimsicalPam's giveaway this month.
If you're just looking for something wonderfully extraordinary, but not necessarily free (atleast not today) then you should check out the following:
  • Into Lampwork beading? Wanna be? Here's just the place: SFD. Phenomenal glass artisans, SFD boasts quite the varying selection to choose from. No two are alike. (I could just gobble their cuke-melon rounds right up! And the Sand Dollar Focal is DIVINE!) Recently SFD wrapped up Feb's giveaway, but March's just around the corner, so watch Jen's blog for that very soon!
  • Everyone is attracted to beauty, and everyone SHOULD bathe...therefore everyone should check out Living Botanical for some attractively extraordinary Vegan goodies. Take it from me, even laying here sick yesterday, my day was cheered immensely by my LB package that came in the mail, complete with my lip balm I've been salivating for weeks over (Cherry Tomato-yum to the extreme!), along with 2 others (Basmati & Wild Cherry-both scrumpdiddlyumptious!). P.S. not waxy in the least...most beautiful my lips have felt in years! But the goodies didn't stop there. Included, I also found 3 sample slivers of LB's handmade soaps---my fav is the Cabernet! NOT YOUR TYPICAL GREENIE PRODUCT LINE...each item is hand-crafted with extra TLC, ABUNDANT FLAVOR & AWESOMENESS!


:Jan the crazy lady: said...

It's like giveaway palooza today.

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

Your verification was hilarious. It was


I am now curious what I need to do now?

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