Back by popular demand: Pasco 8th Ward's CONFERENCE & COCOA ENRICHMENT NIGHT!!! To better accommodate our sisters' meeting schedules, there has been a slight change in our monthly schedules: CONFERENCE & COCOA NIGHT will be held from 6-8pm EVERY THIRD TUESDAY. The location will still alternate between sisters' homes. Ground rules remain unchanged: Bring with you ONLY your copy of the assigned General Conference Talk, Your scriptures, yourself, and your mug for Cocoa/Cider. Sarah Evans has offered her home for the month of March. We'll be meeting March 17th & studying "Come to Zion," by D. Todd Christofferson, Ensign, Nov 2008, 37–40. Please RSVP to Sarah Evans. SEE YOU SISTERS THERE!


ericksons said...

This sounds like a really cool idea. I may want to start something like this in my ward. Do you take turns hosting? Does the host provide the cocoa/treat and select the conference talk? How fun!

Deborama said...

Im crossing my fingers my kids will let me come! :)

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