Too Lose the Weight, or Not to Lose the Weight-THAT is the Question!

First of all, when I have a moment to completely slow down, I'll give a run-through of all the Christmas happenings...(and there've been MANY)! All I can say is we survived the crazy running around, the crazy-slick roads, and every last one of my Christmas decorations are now snuggly to rest in their proper totes in my garage...HOORAY! Just as the rest of you have New Year's thoughts weighing heavy (or lightly---or somewhere in between there)on the mind, I too have been soul searching. A great answer to my prayers, as to where I must focus my personal fine-tuning, came while perusing another blog. It came without wrapping. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags! (sorry-couldn't resist one last Christmas moment-heehee.) It actually came in the form of a fabulous quote, and here it is:


The Evanites Tribe said...

i love that quote! i think that you should print me out a super cute copy of it... i will treasure it forever! love you, you sister in zion!

ericksons said...

I like the quote and the cute little scrabble new years eve thing. Way cute!

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