My Grown-Up Christmas List

Dear Santa, For Christmas this year I want an inner monologue....emphasis on INNER!.... Ever have those moments, when you realize what is lacked most is tact...or censorship...or mute...or even a big fat DELETE button in life? After a late night conversation with the husband last night, I found that that is what I would most like for Christmas in the world. And not just for the world, but for myself...perhaps an inner monologue would protect us all from becoming offended by those around us. Of course being offended is a choice, in which the accountability for lies upon the shoulders of those who choose to be offended. And I also know that INNER MONOLOGUE means those thoughts are on the inside (they just don't escape to the outside)...and thoughts eventually lead to actions...but I just figure if we all had a greater capacity to keep some stuff to ourselves maybe, just maybe, there would be a little more peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. ...So, Santa (if you're reading this), grant me the ability to keep my mouth shut more often. Thanks! Yours Truly, Keely

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