1 Christmas Shindig Down, Several More to Go (But that's OK with me!)

I truly ADORE the Christmas season. First of all for the obvious, as I am more reflective and aware of the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Secondly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the family get-togethers! The rotation for my mom's family party fell on my house, which was AWESOME since we haven't hosted it since 2003. (5 whole years, wow!) We had fun with the party since I tried to plan it around an emphasis on our family's traditions or favorite memories. It was a fantastic opportunity to show Grandpa Grow how much he's impacted our lives (in the little things). We also switched up our gift exchange, which I have to say was refreshing. Instead of each person's name in the mix, we exchanged per household. Focus was more on family time. Which, considering the state of the world we live in, couldn't have been more appropriate now. Souvenirs were stockings (the old mesh kind) filled with all the goodies of an almost by-gone tradition: oranges, mixed nuts, chocolate coins...it was extremely comforting to hear the conversations sparked, and memories relived through it all. Eventually our coat closet thinned out, and guests embarked home (over the river, even through white & drifting snow---though no woods). After the last goodbye hug, there were just two things I wanted: 1) to cry tears of joy at our beautiful evening and 2) to have everyone come right back!!! It was SO WONDERFUL!!! After we'd cleaned up the kitchen a bit, Seth took me in his arms and held me. We realized exactly one year had passed since we knew we were supposed to move home from Idaho. Time has certainly flown that's for sure. And it has been a year I am most grateful for. So, tomorrow I'll do a little laundry, and gear up for the next several gatherings worthy of Christmas cheer...I can't wait, so BRING IT ON!


Jan said...

That is really sweet Keely. I love the sentiment of the whole time. The Seth taking you in his arms, just sent me on a little weepy feel. Loved that. I am glad that you were sent back home. We love having you here. Glad you are enjoying the time together with family and friends too.

ericksons said...

It makes me feel all warm and happy just hearing about your party. How nice! Ilove that wamrth that comes from simply getting together as family.

The Evanites Tribe said...

i'm so glad your family party went good...i knew that you would have a great time. merry christmas

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