With friends, life is no longer a melody, it's a symphony!

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR FRIENDS. I have to say that I have the BEST friends in the world! You ALL know who you are. =) In addition to you ladies, who are my sweet sweet friends, I also need to acknowledge my Savior and my husband, Seth, as my eternal best friends. Sometimes I sense the fading of my life's colors. When the picture is awash in grays, Heavenly Father blesses me through my friends...whether its a smile, a note, a visit, or a long overdue conversation. Instantly my picture brightens...more than just color returning. The hues are much richer...their tones so much deeper as each friend buoys me up, leaving unique impressions upon my heart & my mind. They each love me, and regularly teach me how to be a better version of me. My life is VIVIDLY RADIANT because of my friends! I love the lesson Joseph Smith taught here, "Friendship is like Brother Turley in his blacksmith shop welding iron to iron; it unites the human family with its happy influence." May you feel not only united, but vibrant due to the friends Heavenly Father has blessed your life with. (Hopefully, I'm giving back to you even an inkling of what you've each given me!) Be the jewel you were destined to be...don't hold back, JUST SPARKLE & SHINE!

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Jan said...

I am glad you are surrounded by such strength and friends.

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