Healing is Possible

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR HEALING. This will be a repeat for those of my friends at church today, but I truly cherish healing. So many of us feel fractured or broken...whether its physical, emotional, mental, social, financial...as a person, a family, a ward, a state, or even as a nation. The beauty of our life is all the gifts given to us, by a loving Heavenly Father, to heal. Our bodies are such miracles as they are constantly healing, and repairing. When our hearts are broken we have prayer, an important vehicle of healing as we can lay all the pain at His feet. We have the gift of the priesthood, when utilized by proper authority miracles abound in physical, mental, & emotional healing. The Atonement is so absolutely all-encompassing. The Atonement mends all. It makes us whole again. If our family lies in pieces, we are NEVER alone-we can always turn to our Ward family. When we feel fractured as a people, we have worthy priesthood leaders to guide us & counsel us. Through obedience to their counsel we not only experience great repair in our lives and better yet greater growth in depth & richness of our character. We have been taught, in the scriptures, that in the Last Days our government will hang by a thread, and it will only be through the power of the Priesthood that we shall be preserved. Yes, I love my Heavenly Father and I appreciate that He knows each of us enough to hold us in His arms, and to coax us through the tough times. On my mind are a few statements which help me while in repairing process and murmur a little less. Sister Ardeth G. Kapp once said, "Difficulties are just God's errands. If we are sent upon them, it is an evidence of His confidence. Therefore, let us be glad, be happy, for it is a way of being wise." I cling to the strength that her words give me in facing the difficulties of healing and growing. Hartman Rector, Jr. shared this: "The Lord requires sacrifice, meaning something above and beyond the minimum. The Master spoke of the "second mile" and told us to go there (see Matthew 5:41). Why? Because He wants to bless us and He put all the blessings in the second mile." Our day is filled with pain and suffering...we have a responsibility, even as we are seeking healing for ourselves. This sacred responsibility is to be examples, no matter where we are in life! Even if we're repairing ourselves through the power of the Father, we are an example of hope. Despite the darkness that surrounds us, all is NOT lost. A great saying goes, "Do not fear the darkness, for that is where your light shines brightest." Know that healing is possible, if it were not, why would Christ have volunteered? Seek healing and shine bright!

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Jan said...

Loved your prayer post and now your healing post. I really appreciate your thoughts and your ability to teach. You bring the Gospel and scriptures to life and make a strong desire to apply those teachings as well. :)

I also believe in the power of healing. When I was inactive for 14 years, I needed the miraculous power of healing. I felt it, and remember it well. I am so grateful for that.

We do go through so many different sacrifices. Some seem more manageable and some all consuming. But there is strength all around us to cleave unto. I smile when I see a squirrel running across the electical wires. It has no idea what power lies beneath it's feet. As saints, I think that we also do not realize the power that lies within our reach.

The second mile is something I really need to work on in areas of my life. Thanks Keely for pushing me up.

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