this is a MUST MUST MUST share!

ok, it's short and sweet tonight since the clock reads "just past ten", which happens to mean just past my curfew. as i type i can feel the transformation taking place as i turn back into a pumpkin! anyhow, all fairy godmother humor aside, i HAD to share this gem.

we enter the scene of last night, as we knelt for family prayer at bedtime (cue dialogue):
seth..."who's turn is it?....daisy's..."
daisy (simultaneously with seth's selection)..."mine...dad, it's not a turn, its an opportunity."

no joke. that's it. out of the mouths of babes.


terramisu said...

You have one amazing 10 year old!!!

Jan said...

I told this to Mattie after you shared this on Sunday. I was so elated to have that example from Daisy to share. She is a gem. I am so grateful you have a place to share your thoughts. Just one more place I can go and learn from my little sweet Keely. I am blessed to know you.

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