PROGRESSIVE CARNIVAL UPDATE: Here we sit less than 48 hours from the inaugural Progressive Carnival...can you feel the excitement building?! If you've got a little one who's already SLEEPING in their costume then you and I are in the same boat. =) In case you were not at church Sunday, or your schedule copy was sabotaged by the family feline, here it is for your viewing and planning pleasure. (I've also included a map. If you need one that you can see more clearly...the email's krromm@gmail.com). Can't wait to see you all out there having fun! Thanks again to all those who have agreed to host an activity...without you and your driveways this would be a) very boring and b) not EVEN POSSIBLE! Oodles of thanks to you and yours!

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The Evanites Tribe said...

hey honey...can you unblock your blog...i think that is the problem... maybe, check it out

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