For those sisters who'd like to be prepared for Sunday, its Teaching for our Time Sunday this week (and....cue confetti cannons...now)...HOORAY!!! If you want to be ready, we'll be discussing Sister Tanner's talk titled "My Soul Delighteth in the Things of the Lord." It can be found on pages 81-83 of the May 2008 Ensign. I loved this talk from the moment she spoke the words, so feast on it this week!

Also, for those interested in the Progressive Carnival, there is one activity time still available. So contact me if you'd like to host something in your driveway...again, nothing too complicated, as this was not meant to be a burden to ANYONE. Just something fun, a creative (and non-scarey) way to distribute
your candy. If you are interested just call me or message me here.
Further details on the evening: FIRST-Big thank you to all who have volunteered their time, talents, and driveways. SECOND-Yes, it IS on Halloween night from 5-8pm...this means the first activity starts at 5pm, the last one wraps up no later than 8pm. Each activity is set for a 30 minute duration ONLY. A new activity begins every 15 minutes so as to keep the traffic moving, and all those who are hosting that night the opportunity to enjoy some of the other activities offered (and again, so NO ONE is burdened). If you are concerned about having to choose between this event & Trick or Treating, don't stress it. You CAN do both! Simultaneously (do an event, then trick or treat your way to the next), OR "T or T" first THEN hit the Carnival (or reverse that), ALSO remember that not every event is each attendants cup of non-caffeinated herbal tea (or hot cocoa if you like) so you can start into the festivities at the time of the event you like or pop out early....this is supposed to be fun, not an obligation. (SideBar: Holding the event either the Saturday before or the Saturday after posed problems for those hosting as the earlier conflicted & competed with other festivities planned WELL IN ADVANCE---not to mention wouldn't have given ample time to plan, broadcast, and get volunteers let alone the word out in time......the latter would be obvious since decor comes down and ambitions are usually toast on the day after Halloween---ALSO, costumes only have to be worn one less time with the Progressive Carnival being actually ON Halloween (which we all know can be a saving grace for those parents dealing with costumes that consist of any make-up/face paint on children under the age of 6)...other nights were also considered but with FHE, Mutual, school carnivals/festivals....the answer could only be Halloween night. Thanks for your understanding. Can't wait to see everybody out enjoying the evening with their families. Should be a spooky good time!!!


terramisu said...

I don't have any thoughts about it yet- I have looked a little online, but still haven't found the "Perfect thing" for that night. Anywho- I will be in touch and get back to you b4 Sunday!!!
BTW- Love Your Blog!!!

terramisu said...

Has anyone done musical chairs yet? We could prob. do that. Even the older kids like musical chairs. (You can't be breathing and not like games!) We can call it spooky chairs or haunted chairs or... okay i'm not being creative right now! Anyway- let me know if that is okay! (I guess this going to your e-mail first anyway- but it would be nice if I have your email address.) Okay- I'll bug ya' later, Terra

The Evanites Tribe said...

thank you for the clarification! i love your sidebar...

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