ok, so we know it's been like 9 months since the last update....

...since last update much has occured, as one would expect in 9 months of life. We had decided and prepared to move to south-western Wyoming. However one week before the move, we both felt that there was a move in-store for us, just not to Wyoming. And boy are we glad we decided to stay!!! The more we readied to move, the more each of us realized how much we would miss eastern Idaho. Within days a house in-town literally fell into our laps. Great location, between Daisy's old elementary school & her favorite park. Plus, we are surrounded by kids her age here. Compared to our house out on the outskirts of town were the nearest neighbor was the local nursery & a big ol' spud farm. For her this is better. For me I'm just glad to not have to constantly be on the lookout for field mice & as many hobo spiders. Despite not moving to Wyoming, Seth has continued to work for his employer on the oilfields. The money has been nice, but the sacrifice of family has taken its toll. So, within the past couple weeks he was hired on by a local outfit here in Idaho. By the end of this week, Seth's obligations in Wyoming should be fulfilled. It will be so nice. Back to earlier this year. Daisy completed the 4th grade, and spent most of the summer playing with neighborhood pals. Speaking of things just falling into our laps, I had another radio gig drop into mine. In April & May, the local radio station had a "DJ" search. The field was narrowed down to 3 contestants: me and two other gals in the area. We each had like a week of live auditions on the morning show, plus all sorts of personal appearances & even posted campaign posters throughout the valley. On Memorial Day I was selected as the new morning co-host. It is a fun country station. Despite having worked for other, much bigger station families in the past, this station is by far my favorite. We as this tiny station are doing bigger & better things than my larger stations before. Plus, my coworkers are great. Like a tight-knit family. With the radio job, summer was mad-crazy busy. Had our hand in a lot of great events & parades. Daisy even got to ride in the big 24th of July parade with us. And because of the station, she got to meet her favorite country star in person: Rodney Atkins. She was elated since his autograph said "love, Rodney", he also signed her ballcap & hugged her. So big adventures. Daisy also had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Washington with family and friends. It was so great for her to soak up some extended-family time. For Daisy's 10th birthday, her daddy gave her a new violin, so she could take 5th grade orchestra this year. Orchestra has been fun, though the structure is so different from when Seth & I were in middle school. There are so many students that the orchestra teacher can only meet with each group once every 3 school days. So, in order to help supplement her education & keep her excited about her violin, a sweet friend from our old ward is giving Daisy private lessons. Daisy's been doing well, as she has 3 songs down pat & is working on her 4th. Soooo grown-up! In other updates, our cat Tuffy is still with us and nutty as ever. One of his favorite pastimes is to play kitty-commando (mission: impossible-style) under our bed. He lays on his back and then pulls himself along the boxsprings with his claws. Graciously that is the only bit of furniture he viciously uses his claws on. Other than that, he will lurk in the dark just outside our bedroom door and wrap his paws around our ankles when we walk to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Once he's tuckered out, he claims his spot above my head on my pillow, and gently pets Seth or I on the forehead. What a card! Tuffy gained a little sister this spring. Hula-Hoop is a Catahoula Hound, also known as the Louisianna Leopard Dog. Her breed is known for its great coon-hunting & mountain lion hunting abilities. They are also very adept on ranches, in herding livestock. None of us realized how entertaining these traits would be. She nips as Tuffy's heels and herds him all over the house & yard. Whenever she corners him on the neighbor's fence her bark becomes a bay. We also hear that bark change whenever a strange animal or person enters the yard, or she trees a squirrel. She enjoys fetching & catching squeaky tennis balls, has her own pet stuffed bunny. She prefers to drag her bunny through her water dish so it feels like a real bunny carcase. And even though she enjoys some good destruction of anything stuffed, she absolutely will not tear into the rabbit. Funny girl. The critters had mixed reactions as our first big snow dropped Saturday, October 6th. Between 4 & 6 inches accumulated that day and wasn't completely gone until late Monday afternoon. Tuffy wanted nothing more than to be out in it. Hula, however, thought we were punishing her by expecting her to go to the bathroom. Sister Shivers I call her.
Lol. So that's our family update. With such time comes photographs, those can be found below...our little photo essay of Keely's Q102 career thus far.... So until next time, stay happy, stay warm & stay you!

Headshots for the station's new website...My partner Charlie, though I fondly refer to him as "Chali Tuna"...he's so great to put up with me, but then again he dishes it out tons about how short I am...so, fair's fair! =)

One of the first things I had to do after landing my spot on the Wakin' Crew was to become a NASCARologist...no joke total requirement...lol. It was awesome getting to give my boss snap shots of Bailey Blue in the BLUE alltel car though...I think it was more than he had bargained for when he told me to get myself edumacated!
My first concert with Q102 was with Rodney Atkins! Greatest, most down-to-earth performer I have EVER met! He was so sweet and treated every single person as if he'd been raised with them all his life...and when his manager would push him about time and needing to skip over people he pretty much told his manager to stick it...and he spent as much time as he could with each of us...including all the EMTs & Officers working the event...as well as all the fans that waited at the barracade until all VIPS had left and his crew was packing the bus. Quite impressive!

Next concert was Ty England & the Sons of Mayberry at the Jackson County Fair in WY. What a great time, and these boys were the sweetest. Had to stay over in Jackson since it went so late, but the guys and I went dancing at the Million Dollar Cowboy-they were COMPLETE GENTLEMEN...very respectful, and Ty's drummer even taught me how to 2-Step! Good times.

In August, we celebrated the Dog Days of Summer with the first-ever Q102 Hot Dog Eating Contest at the Madison County Fair! It was so fun and disgusting all at the same time, hahaha! Congrats to our winner Det. Haderlie...the ULTIMATE HOT DOG CONSUMER OF EASTERN IDAHO & WESTERN WYOMING!

We also had the All-American Soap Box Derby in August. And it was extreme fun to race these rods down W. 7th S. in Rexburg!
In my head the whole time I kept hearing Kenny Loggins singing "Danger Zone"...it was a blast to say the least. My biggest thanks go out to my Automotive Engineer/Pit Crew: Seth of SRPM Automotive. We found an old garbage can at DI, John Deere donated a
PLUSH lawn tractor seat for my royal back side, and I jotted my dream on a napkin...Seth did all the rest...truly he worked Soap Box Derby magic on my behalf...so I'm even more glad he's my OTHER HALF! =)


We also had Teton Valley's Figure 8 Derby Finals in August! Wow were we hopping. I got to be "Flag Girl"....not only did they drive me around the arena with the US flag before the National Anthem, but then I was front and center to actually flag all evening! It was soooo much fun....let me tell ya, you may think demo derbys are muddy, but they've got NOTHING on Figure8'n!!! Cars are flipping every few seconds, mud and dirt and sweat and tears are flying like mad....
IT WAS SOOOOO GREAT! A garage got a car together at the last minute for my co-partner, Charlie. Once again, Seth was his pit crew. Best part? We wound up winning! Way to Figure 8 it Chali!!!

Things slowed down just enough in September for us to catch our breath, and now we're off again getting prepped with Halloween festivities, CMA's/QMA's promos, and leaning on into Thanksgiving promotions-including our "We've got 2 Turkeys-We need 100 More" promotion to collect Turkeys for Subs for Santa, Home for the Holidays (local kid choirs singing Christmas classics & then we air them on our station!), and ultimately Christmas itself. Busy Busy. But first we had Q102 night out at the Haunted Mill in Teton. What an eerily fun evening! Daisy and I LOVED our friend who made yummy treats at the Scone Shack!

Rexburg's WestWood Theater was all a-buzz the other night as Q102 listeners crammed on in head-to-toe in their costumes for an exclusive showing of the classic "The Ghost & Mr Chicken" starring Don Knotts. We had a costume judging contest...and since Charlie and I were MCing the deal, I couldn't NOT show up in a costume of my own...so considering my country radio roots, not to mention years of watching her TV specials on the living room floor at my grandma's house, as well as watching her perform "9 to 5" on the Disney channel when I was little, Dolly Parton was the only logical choice for me! =) OH! She was TOO much fun to play!!!!! I can sing just a
little like her, and can giggle and throw on a soft high-pitched drawl like her too...not perfect, but it was effective ENOUGH! Hanging with Charley Jenkins at his show with Jason Aldean was pretty awesome too. Aldean was cool (shorter & scrawnier than I expected), but cool nonetheless...however, Charley Jenkins was by far the greatest part of that night! And I ADORED intro'ing him, he made it soooo much fun!

I'll post more when I have it for ya...thanks for keeping up with all our wicked-busyness!!! UBER LOVE YA!!


brennan said...

Hooray!! So fun to read your post. I am glad Daisy got to meet her favorite country star. Congrats on the violin! It seems like a difficult instrument to play.

busbyhive said...

Wow,it looks like you guys are staying busy and out of trouble most of the time! It's fun to see how much Daisy has grown! We're sorry we missed you the last time you came through. Hopefully we'll have another time to get together!

Nikki said...

*Insert wolf whistle* You looked hot!!!!

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