More Cold Pix of the Romm Family

We've had a lot of fun enjoying the winter playground Idaho becomes when most everything should be hibernating.

These are some great pix we've taken through this chilly winter. Some days it's cold & snowy, others (due to good old Chinook winds) are bare yet bitterly cold!!!! Nothing prepped us for these frequent sub-zero temps!!!

This Daisy & Mom's snowman, Pigpen. They thought he had a strong resemblence to a certain, beloved Peanuts character. It's probably his ladykiller eyes that have them both swooning over their creation. But then again, it's hard to not swoon over something so 'COOL'.

As awesome as Pigpen was this year, he still didn't hold a candle to their Hawaiian beauty of last year, WaunaMucaHilla! There was just something about her swimsuit & grass skirt. Sometimes we miss her. :)

This was a very brisk, semi-snowy morning! Daisy, the ever present bus-rider, fantastically had ACTUALLY beaten the bus to her bus stop! THAT is a major victory at our house.

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