In Memory of Dearly Departed Friends.... and Welcome New Additions to our Family

So first of all our amazingly antiqued grandpa-fish, Bora Bora, finally gave up the ghost in January. It was very sad to see him leave us, however he was 4 years old (ancient as far as Betas go), and his tail had fallen off over 4 months before. Poor old guy. We decided our plecostomous, Kirby, needed a tank-mate, so we bought Kyrgie (short for Kyrgyztan, another awesome name pick by Daisy!). Kyrgie was the most beautiful, deep aqua colored beta. Gorgeous tail! (We had actually forgotten what those pretty tails looked like, as well as the fact that betas COME with tails!) After Bora Bora's passing, and Kyrgie's introduction to the tank, Kibry seemed to be a little stand-offish. Then he started to just hover above his rock, sort of like staking his claim to the rock to the new fish. Then he began eating the bubbles and gunk at the surface... few days later we found he couldn't live without Bora Bora, and we had to give him the royal flush of a funeral service! Suddenly Kyrgie found himself the king of the tank. He seemed quite content with that. However, the next day we found he had chosen to leave this world as well. Suffice it to say, we're not doing so hot on the gilled pets as of late. We figure we'll not rush right out and pick up a new one for a while. Kinda reminded us of having plenty of canines and then finding ourselves with none last spring. So, we'll just fill our time with things other than cleaning tanks, and dropping pellets in the water, and perhaps try again later this year.

As it would sound from our reports above, only sad news around the Romm house. Let me just say not so, not so in deed. We had a bit of a scare at the end of the month, as Daisy and Seth were smack-dab in the middle of a four car pile-up. Truck throws on his brakes not far out of the intersection, Buick rear-ends him (& he drives off). Lady in the Buick slams on her brakes as result, Seth rear-ends her. Seth slams on his brakes in response, and a Toyota Camry rear-ends him. Blessedly, the huge suburban behind her manages to avoid it altogether, manuevers around the mess and gets the truck's info that fled the scene. Everyone is safe, and ok, though there's typical whiplash for both Seth & Daisy... but they're coping alright. The XL-7 sustained over $3,300 in damage, but we have fantastic insurance here that's really taking good care of us. Thank goodness for that! Another positive is that all three drivers still left at the scene of the accident have insurance. Hooray! So here's the EXTRA AWESOME fun new news: Seth had been shopping for a second vehicle prior to the accident, and suddenly it was like God put his stamp of approval and a sudden urgency on finding that rig. We'd like to proudly announce the new addition to our family, it's a bouncing, 1997 black Jeep Wrangler. It weighs in at approximately as much as a '97 Jeep Wrangler should weigh (without the mud), has 4 perfect tires, and 4 perfect wheels, and two bright & shiny headlights. More pictures will be in soon. (Seth couldn't be prouder.) He & Daisy have already seized the opportunity to take it out on gun-shootin' escapades in the wilderness. So there's all the recent beans of our family. Not the most enthralling, yet livable, nonetheless. We love you all and we'll post more very very soon. Muah!

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