Keely's Chapter

As expected, 2005 was to be the year stocked FULL of adjustments for our family, and for Keely there was no exception to this rule. Difficult as it was to say goodbye to all her loved ones, and her job and kids at CHS's auditorium, she bravely took the leap-of-faith with her family to Idaho. This proved to be obviously a challenge in many ways, yet also a great blessing for her. In Idaho, she dipped back into her cellular industry experience, and found a whole new dimension to who she is and what she can accomplish.

She stays very busy, constantly racing around to meet deadlines and quotas as the new Regional Supervisor for the Northern region of her communications company. It's been nice, where this company is a force to be reckoned with in the industry, yet it's small enough to preserve a tight-knit, family-like rapport between it's employees. With Keely's promotion to regional supervisor, they were able to add an eighth retail location to their belt! Keely really loves what she does, and she does it well. We are very proud of her!

In addition to her family, and work, Keely accepted the calling of "Relief Society Advertising Specialist" in our ward. She gets to make cute little handouts, fliers, and has the charge of updating the RS bulletin board. With her handouts, she gets to announce upcoming enrichment nights to the various organizations. Though, she loves being a part of everybody, she's found her favorite times to be spent with the Young Women, and then in Closing Exercises with the Primary kids. They're such beautiful spirits, and she loves including them in on getting their moms out to the activities.

All in all, with her full plate of responsibilities, she finds extra special time (from I don't know where) to show her family she loves them. She's been turning more and more so to baking and cooking in her spare time (mostly Sunday afternoons). The wonderful things she creates in the kitchen are usually enjoyed between ourselves and all our neighbors when we get together to play boardgames each Sunday night. She has also been as sweet as to share her creations with our family's Home-Teaching and Visiting-Teaching families. I could be mistaken, but I believe it's her most special way to show people she cares.

Also, this was our second year with Nutcracker (though we're MUCH bigger fans of the Mid-Columbia's production!!!), and again Keely was deep behind the scenes managing greenroom with the little ones. She enjoys being able to be everything to everyone, and on this smaller scale she's able to do that successfully. In our family, through her hard work and service, she is EVERYTHING to us!


The Burdens said...

I love and miss you and we are thankful for the great blessings you've provided for us!

sortaflower said...

Thank You So Much For having this Blog! now I can spy on my sister from miles away ,haha, and beleive me I will! You are such a beautiful sweet and accomplished Gal Keely Rae, I am SO proud of you and grateful for the relation:) Biggest hug in the universe!

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