More Fun With the Romms

Birthdays have been fun this year as well, and Seth threw Keely a fantastic 26th "boo"thday party! It was tons of fun, and filled with Witch's Brew to drink, Squash Soup to eat, and all sorts of other fun autumn foods to enjoy (even fondue!). The best part of the party was getting to spend time with wonderfully close friends, all whom have been blessings in our lives as well as sanity preservationalists for our minds. Even Wendy Wick was able to make it up for the party! And we made sure to carve pumpkins!

Of course you know, the Romm porch wouldn't be complete each October without the infamous "Yarfing" Pumpkin ala Seth! (center) All our neighbors got a big kick out of it, though Keely wasn't all that stoked about the batch of penicillin we discovered growing in and under the pumpkins, post-Halloween. =)

We can't have Halloween without the creative genius our three minds are when put together!

Daisy's costume, Cindy Brady, came about by accident and last minute thrift-store shopping. Cute $3 dress, pigtails, ringlets...it kind of took on a life of its own from there. But man, was she was a DEAD RINGER!

Keely chose to be a mouse, after her first costume, Jem (circa 1988-think Barbie & the Rockers) photographed more hookerish than plastic barbie-dollish. And we all know THAT wouldn't fly in highly-conservative Rexburg!

Seth's costume just kind of came about out of nowhere. He figured what the heck, you only live once. So he donned the hosiery, the wig, and a handbag with matching pumps...and he sure made a lovely, bearded-sweet spirit! (We thought his shoulders added an essence of Janet Reno to the get-up.) He actually rocked som little kids' worlds at the ward's trunk-or-treat. Their mom asked if they recognized this person, and they shook their heads no. She mentioned that Seth was their Home Teacher. Seth then said in his most feminine voice, "And now I'm your Visiting Teacher, hunnies!" The kids were a little worried and ran away. So Seth's officially hung up his pumps for now.

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Nikki said...

Daisy looked so cute and so little... it's amazing how much she's changed in five years. Man they grow up too quick.
The pumpkins look awesome.
Seth wore stocking's? What a man ;) He looked very pretty...hehehe.
I love your outfit... did you do the face painting?

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