In Case You Were Wondering...

Lots has happened.
A new trucking company was started.
Transitioned back to care-giving pretty much full-time for Grandma R.
The Gusty Ridge Ranch was sold.
2016's One Little Word was LIGHT.
College transfers have occurred.
College Majors have been changed.
Eventually passed on the torch of being the primary caregiver for Grandma R.
Helped my mom relocate her life from the prairies of Eastern Oregon to the refuge of the Coast.
Took a side-job to get out of the house & out of my head.
We moved again, to the most perfect little homestead on a couple acres.
Currently 2017's One Little Word is STAND.
There was an engagement, and now there's not.
Mini-Me is learning a lot about herself, what she values most & who is worthy of being in her life.
We have commenced the purging of toxic people from our lives.
Learning lots about myself, my capabilities, my talents, my niche within myself.
Embracing all God's blessed us with, including new fish in the pond & 3 new cows in the pasture.
Prioritizing peace in all aspects of my life.

Not much has been typed on the ol' Blog or Facebook about any of it.
Plenty of images have been posted on Instagram.
And I've been okay with that.

Just gonna leave this right here.
Gotta tend to what matters most in my life.


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Well, it sounds like things have been in controlled chaos. Hopefully MiniMe's semester at school was worthwhile. She sounded like she was busy. She offered help with the move, but I knew she was a busy little beaver and didn't want to bug her.

I hope to see some photos of the new "ranch".

Love ya.

Elizabeth said...

love your blog. Thanks for the updates- sounds like a difficult year so far.
I'm not LDS- but I love hearing about your life and LDS perspective! You are a great writer.

Panharith said...

Thanks for the updates- sounds like a difficult year so far.


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