#DuckyAdventures -- It's Finally Up!

One weekend + two excruciating sunburns later, we have ENCLOSURE.
(Sounded nice & dramatic with the suspenseful, yet booming movie voice in my head.)

(Has been a touch windy lately, so just ignore the filthy water, please & thank you!)

The ducklings are in Heaven now that they get to enjoy 24/7 unsupervised swim sessions on the pond!  And I do mean 24/7.  They're all about the night swim especially, and cheep so sweetly as they're splashing around making it difficult for our 3 Koi to sleep (Lasik is bright yellow with brown spectacles, Phantom is pure silvery white, and Cheddar is white with a bright blast of orange on its forehead).

We also planted two Weeping Willow trees in the yard.  Mini-Me is ecstatic and said she can't wait to watch her kids swinging on those branches when they all come to visit Grandma & Grandpa.  Normally I'd cringe at the thought of her ever being old enough to bring grandkids over to play, but I didn't this time.  Maybe because I could see the same vision in those lovely trees.  :)

Next project on the list is the Duck House, but that'll have to wait until graduation week is finished.

Happy #DuckyAdventures to you!


Leah Campbell said...

Oh so fun! Now I want ducks!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Hilariously darling!!!
Only Keely!

What a fun thing to have.

Ya, and the willow tree thing and grandma thing?.....Hang on to your hat, it will be there in no time at all!

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