So....It's a Long Story

And I don't have a lot of time.
However, let's just say Mother's Day came & went.

There was an MIA mother who's 4 little children were lost, searching for her in a busy shopping center parking lot.  Lots of big engines & BIG tires everywhere!

So we gathered them up.  Searched the nearby bushes for their mom and/or their nest.  Nothing.

And no water for miles, mind you.

So *this* mother adopted 4 new babies.

They've been keeping me busy daily with swim sessions & diving lessons & bottom feeding lessons.  They are precious. And have already grown a great deal!

We're trying to keep them as wild as possible.  So a pond & house is in the process of being constructed.  We're only planning on them being here a few months, until all their feathers are good & fit, and they are able to fend for themselves.

They'll we'll take them to their new home on the campus of a local college that has a lovely creek & pond area right in the middle of the lush grounds.  :)

But the time in between has been pretty fun.
Never realized how soothing watching them swim around is for my soul.

Madly in love.

May have to get some domestic ones after they grow up and leave us.


Valerie said...

So cute! We always had ducks when I was growing up, ducklings are the cutest bobbing around in the water!!!

Valerie said...

Oh, my gosh! They are adorable!

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