Truth is Transcendent

...through generations of time.
...through thought paradigms.
...through trends.

I couldn't help but tear up the first time I watched Dodge's 2013 SuperBowl commercial (mind you it was on youTube, we did not watch the game or commercials that night at all. Not really our thing anymore).

Anyone else moved out there, as the truth resonated within?

Regardless of how "forward-thinking" society wants to think we should be in this day & age, the truth is that we rely on the foundation of old fashioned beliefs, work ethic, know-how, dedication, art & skill-sets in order to thrive. Even lazy people couldn't survive if it weren't for the 200% efforts of the industrious.

One of my favorite sayings goes like this: "Did you eat today? Then hug a farmer."

Having grown up in small farming communities of Eastern Washington, running alongside my old step-father, who was a farmhand for many of those years, and claiming many of my childhood friends' fathers my second & third dads, makes me love & appreciate the priceless value agriculture holds in life. I have always & will always hold farmers in higher respect than politicians, multiple-millionaire businessmen, and definitely higher than celebrities.

It's sad to see how many in today's generations who are oblivious to what really keeps us ticking. It is heartbreaking to know they have lost sight of who deserves the credit for keeping possibilities alive, from technological gadgets to fashion to sports to schools to automobiles... and the list goes on & on.

Without farmers there would be no food in the tummies nor fuel for the brains behind the conveniences in life. Therefore I appreciated the sentiments of the commercial on those merits alone.

However, when Dodge chose to pair their beautiful farming images with Paul Harvey's 1978 National FFA Convention address, well they had me before he'd even finished "...and on the eighth day..."

Paul Harvey is one of the greatest voices & minds in radio broadcasting history. Not only did his message bring truth, his voice illustrated the truth with such vivid reality & punctuated it with clarity.

It was a fitting, gratitude promoting tribute. Well done Dodge!



NaDell Ransom said...

I LOVED that commercial. I didn't see it until someone else posted it, although I did watch the very end of the game when it was on at my in-law's house. It's never been something we seek out (not that we are not watching other stuff on Sundays, just not sports generally).
I loved that they didn't shy away from using a speech from Paul Harvey that talked about God. There's enough junk out there already and it was just refreshing to hear/see!

mCat said...

It was one of my favorite commercials! And love your post follow up on it!

wendy said...

I totally watched the game...but here in Canada, they won't show the commercials (boo). Only the Canadian sponsored commercials.
I'll have to try and find this on Youtube.
Sounds like it "hit the nail right on" though.

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