Yep.  New Beginnings.  Big Undertaking.

However, unlike a lot of our previous YW events, we have all of the various tasks divvied up between the YW classes.  Mostly the reins has been turned over to the girls, within reason of course based on the maturity of each age group.

My Beehives were in charge of planning the program, including finding the musical numbers and speakers.  We've also been in charge of designing the programs that each guest will receive that night.  Again, back to the limitations of maturity, what the other Beehive leader and I have found is most effective with our girls is to have a pow-wow, get an idea of what they like, then away from that meeting we organized a plan A, plan B & plan C, and then have them make a final decision between the two.  MUCH EASIER, especially if there are any ADD/ADHD types in the mix.  Best to keep the distractions to a minimum.

All that being said, our patience and hard work (sitting on our hands as much as possible) has paid off.  So much so, that AFTER I had finalized the program design, I finally opened our invitation that the Mia Maids handed out last Sunday... and frankly, we are all SO very much in-tune!

As I mentioned to another of my fellow leaders, it's times like these that I can truly recognize that we are on track and following HIS will.  Such a good feeling!

I won't actually share the program out of respect for those names listed on it, however know that extending below the evening's theme is the program's line-up.  Takes my breath away kinda.
In addition to invitations, our Mia Maids are handling all the decorations.  So that's Mini-Me & her presidency's ball of wax.  The fruits of their labor will be EPIC!  (Helps that the creativity was fostered at a pretty rad IHOP planning brunch Mini-Me called for a couple weeks back.  She's so awesome!)  Rest assured, there WILL be pictures that follow.

Our Laurel class is handling a skit for the program, as well as the light soup dinner.  What was awesome is that they're thinking of a parting gift of a giant cookie.  As soon as the leader and I were talking about this, my mind raced back to a packaging idea I once saw from Martha Stewart involving plain white CD sleeves.  Considering that idea, I decided to throw together our own versions of sleeve labels that matches this year's Mutual theme "Stand Ye in Holy Places," as well as what we've already got going on with the programs.  Continuity is a BEA-U-TI-FUL thing!

Figured I'd share if anyone else out there was searching for YW ideas this year, whether for their own late New Beginnings or for YWIE (Young Women in Excellence) or simply a great gift (I think Easter's coming up pretty soon, just sayin').  Feel free to use these as you feel inspired to do so:











2busy said...

Thanks for sharing these. It is interesting to hear what others are doing with New Beginnings this year.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm sure it will be fantabulous!You are way too creative.

I look forward to hearing how it goes.

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