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So, yeah, the teenager stayed over at a friend's house tonight.  Lemme tell ya, it's a BIG deal! 

Our family rules until now have been ZERO sleepovers, unless family... and even then, since most of her cousins are dudes, there hasn't been much family sleepovers in her short life.  The new rule is, ONLY with those friends who don't set off Mom & Dad's internal alarms (which came custom-ordered along with our moral compasses --- what do you mean you didn't get that feature?!  Look harder, betcha its there).  And if, for some reason, Mom or Dad have a "gut feeling" of 'NO,' then there is to be no argument.  Otherwise we go back to ZERO sleepovers at all.

She's elated!

So, Mini-Me's at a friend from church's place tonight, being wild & crazy, but still civilized & well-mannered (I hope).  Therefore, Mr LKP took me out on a hot date to see the movie, "The Impossible."  It's based on a family's true story from the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. 

Heart wrenching in some places, it was also humbling in all places.  Worth the watch.  Loved it so much, I will most likely take Mini-Me to see it with us.  "The Impossible" is a beautiful, harrowing story about this family's closeness & strength... and I especially appreciated the priceless bond between mother & child.  That was about as real as a movie can get.  Well done, to Summit & Lionsgate, as this is a much needed flick.

Following the movie, Mr LKP then whisked me away to snag a few minutes at Barnes & Noble before it closed for the evening.  While there, he picked up my valentine for me "One Light Flash: Professional-Quality Lighting on a Budget" by John Denton & Adam Duckworth. 


Never hurts to go through some fundamental methods already in use, and brush 'em up so additional shooting techniques are more refined & polished.  I was over the moon, for him as well for his perfect gift choice.  So much so, that when we came home & crawled in bed, I simply HAD to crack it open! 

And just like that, 20 minutes to midnight, a stroke of dangerous inspiration came about (dangerous in my mind since I'm not usually inclined to just jump on an idea.  I usually prefer to instead allow the idea to marinate into perfection.  The spontaneous pouncing on an idea usually leave so many crude, and mangled loose ends.  We all know that loose ends don't jive with my OCD).  At the kitchen table, there I was in my underwear, with all the supplies to craft my own SNOOT

This is big, peeps. 

For some reason I had never thought I should venture into creating my own light modifiers.  I have friends who have.  Which is all well and good for them, but for some reason I just assumed that was something I couldn't do, and had resolved to eventually purchase one.  Guess I felt I needed some magic knowledge or some formal training in order to mickey ose something spectacular all my very own.  Not already having that knowledge (aka being a serious KNOW-IT-ALL) intimidates me.  Makes me withdraw back into my hermit shell, since risk of being wrong or disappointed frightens the daylights outta me!

So not only did I make something phenomenal about an hour ago, I faced a fear head on!  Hurray!

(BTW, snoots are FAB news when it comes to subject isolation in a shot.)

So, do you think it worked out okay?

Ready for the crude, fraying, loose ends that would normally wig me out in general, let alone showing the world?  Here's the VERY simplistic set-up:

(Embarrassed beyond belief over here.)  However, despite my embarrassment, I hope you can see how exciting it is to feel I have a firmer grasp on controlling light how I'd like it to work for me.  You'd never guess, besides from the use of my dining chair & this blog post, that this was simply shot under my kitchen table!  Can't wait to improvise some more. 


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