DDD: DAY TWELVE - in progress.

In an attempt to out-smart the germies, I made an executive decision to stay in today. Body aches have set in a touch, so a soak in a mega-hot bath was in order. Following that, my super-cozy flannel PJ's, along with my down comforter, were calling to me. I simply HAD to give them audience.

With all the critters snuggled alongside achy bones, and in an attempt to drive more foggy brain away I chose to finally settle in with my Christmas 'read' for 2012 - a book I've been pining away for since it's release in 2011: "The Wedding Letters" by Jason F. Wright.

Several chapters in, and yet again Mr. Wright does not disappoint.

...and I have decided, if we ever face the reality of moving far away from the Gusty Ridge Ranch then it will be to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. This many JFW reads in, and it already feels like home.

Back to my reading. Hoping to finish it by weekend's end.


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NaDell Ransom said...

LOVED that book! Enjoy!

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