Daily Dose of Divinity

With a new year comes new challenges, new resolutions, and naturally new failings. 

The failed efforts can often steal our attention away from the good and focus it upon the less than good in our lives.  I'm guilty of that.  I'm an eternal optimist trapped in a pessimist's life... a life that has the tendency to cloud up my vision.

Just when it feels that things are going up, up, UP suddenly I am reminded of how I should feel down, down, DOWN.  I dislike it.  Thoroughly.

So, what is the cure to unhappiness?  GRATITUDE.

Recognizing what Heavenly Father has us blessed with in this life, and showing gratitude for it is life's cure-all.  Sure 'nough, it cures pride, cures a severe bout of lacking in faith, cures miserable depression, cures weak self-confidence.  It is honestly the miracle "drug" of our earthly existence.  Don't need a TV show or an expensive self-help book to benefit from it either.  We just need action!

Not only do the blessings themselves enrich our lives, but the recognition of them is a master reset to our systems.  From realizing that all things (both bliss as well as trials, small as well as large) are blessings we can step forward show gratitude by utilizing our blessings or sharing them with those around us. Recognizing our blessings IS just the action called for in our lives!

Think about it, it is true that oftentimes the smallest blessing can rescue us from some of our deepest, darkest canyons.  So, I'm doing something about it.

I've seen several different photo challenges floating around online.  I've read through many, and they're nice & all, but I've decided to develop my own.  If you'd like to join me on my challenge, feel free.  Doesn't require much in order to add a little lift in your step.

"...all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator."

Considering the fact that all blessings come from God, they are then divine.  Therefore, my challenge is about finding those Daily Doses of Divinity in life. 

Our blessings, small & large -and even medium- are staring us in the face.  We simply have to pause a moment and they will make themselves known unto us.  60 days of recognizing our blessings should start a beautiful, revolutionary movement within ourselves in these dark days.  Our outlooks will be brighter, our lives will be happier, and as a result we will be blessed further!

Remember, we need not limit ourselves to material comforts alone, though they are blessings too.  The challenge items are real, and visible, but are not always THINGS.  For instance, just like the wind is real, its actually the evidence of it that we can see.  So also share evidences.  Pause, ponder, seek, find, and share That's all its gonna take to get us feeling abundantly blessed and radiantly moving forward!

If you're joining me, feel free to share your blessings from the challenge on your own blog or Instagram or Facebook or wherever.  If you're my FB friend or following me on IG, don't be suprised if you're seeing these posts a lot, as I'll be sharing in all 3 locations.  But that's because I need those reminders of my blessings all around me.  Feel free to interpret each day's challenge how it best fits what you're recognizing and share, share, SHARE! 

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