...Brought to You Today by the Letter 'P'

Tonight my Beehives' Mutual activity is kind of a big deal. 

Well actually what makes it a BIG DEAL is that it's not big deal.
Therefore, it's one of their most favorite activities.
Yep, we're rocking the 'P' Night!

What's a 'P' Night, you ask?

Well, everyone (leaders included) come in their PAJAMA PANTS.

We each bring a food item that's name starts with the letter 'P' to share.


We PASS things off in the PERSONAL PROGRESS books.

We even PLAN some stuff for the future.

It's a fab night, and I couldn't be more grateful for it, since: 
  • a) my body's anti-belts or tight waistbands these days, and 
  • b) Young Women in Excellence is next week and these girls have some PERSONAL PROGRESS POSTER displays to finish up for our Carnival of Excellence! 

Cannot wait!  

Will let you know how that turns out, after the dust has settled.  :)

So, I gotta run.  
I have some copycat Great Harvest PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP bread 
to whip up for tonight.



mCat said...

I love out P nights too!

Kazzy said...

Perfectly power packed!

wendy said...

YUP...what Kazzy and MCat said
fun fun fun

S.I.F. said...

Oh I am TOTALLY planning myself a P night tonight too!

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