WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: hello lil' fella

...However, I can't NOT have words on this post, just because the cute factor is OFF.THE.CHARTS.HERE.
While editing through another session's photos, a vouyeur was discovered peering over from behind one of the MANY post-it notes stuck around my PC's monitor.  He is a moth / dragon-ish fly, yet he reminds us of the wormy-guy sidekicks from Men in Black.  But, isn't he the cutest darn bug you ever did see?!

In other cute, tiny bug news:  Burt the Bush had a sweet little stowaway we discovered the other night.  Never thought I'd use the following word to describe an insect, but this baby preying mantis is SERIOUSLY precious!!!


Garden of Egan said...

That is adorable!

I'm sitting here thinking of captions.
SO CUTE!!!!!
You are dangerous with a camera!

I saw Taylor yesterday. She sends loves.

ericksonzone said...

Oh my word! That little bug you caught peering over the sticky note is so cute. It's amazing to me as well that you caught such a great photo of it...and the mantis, don't get me going. How fun!

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