Happy Mini-Me & Independence Day!

Couldn't have been a better day to be born...
Happy 15th birthday, Sparky! You're the most beautiful blessing that's ever come to my life, I'm honored to be your mama. Each 4th of July, Mini-Me, I feel like the luckiest parent on Earth, as you've enriched every day & each year. God definitely gave me you. Hope today's the start of your most favorite year so far, my spunky girl! ::hugs::


NaDell Ransom said...

Happy birthday to her! Happy independence day to you all too!

mCat said...

Happy birthday darlin!

Hope she realized that all the fireworks are JUST FOR HER!

2browndawgs said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mini-Me! What a beautiful young lady. She looks so grown up from when I started following your blog.

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