1. Butter both sides of a piece of bread. 
  2. Place on skillet, set at medium heat & cut out center of bread with narrow cup or cookie/biscuit cutter. 
  3. Crack farm-fresh egg into hole; salt & pepper lightly. 
  4. Gauge when to flip toasted bread & egg over by coloring on back of bread cut-out. 
  5. When ideally toasted to desire/egg is cooked to preferred hardness, remove from heat & place on plate. 
  6. Garnish top of "Toad-in-a-Hole" with slice of fresh tomato, then some avacado, followed by another slice of tomato, dusted with some salt & pepper, and finally topped with the toasted circle cut-out. 
  7. Sit back to admire your gourmet handiwork, then devour happily!

    1 comment:

    Garden of Egan said...

    That was my breakfast....minus the mater.

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