Mother's Day + Some Other ADD Stuff

Probably the holiday I dread the most each year, though I'm sure originally 2012's rendition was supposed to hold a little more hope for my heart about any future mothering (post-surgery kinda hope anyways). Therefore I HADN'T been dreading it as much.

But we must remember that there is opposition in all things though, right?

So with that glimmer of hope came a little dark, grumpy cloud over the weekend.
More fear.

Following the collision, by about 2 weeks, I was into see the chiropractor.  (Let me tell ya, he's a GREAT chiropractor & he knows his stuff.  Very grateful for Dr. Howell + the fact we grew up together, so he doesn't mince words with me.  I value that tremendously.)  Something he mentioned has been a festering splinter in my brain:  the impact has thrown my pelvis off.  Shifted it enough that one leg is noticeably shorter than the other.

POSSIBLE COMPLICATION, MUCH?  (As if my fertility situation wasn't delicate enough already.)

Dr. Howell's working on shifting it back, and I trust him.  But those wretched "what if's" showed up, uninvited-I might add, and I've been worried that all the surgery & medication regiment from earlier this year may wind up having been in vain as far as more kids is concerned.

Now, I'm sure its just me & my anxiety.  But I really would've been much more emotionally stable WITHOUT this little twist in my tale...or tail...or whatever.

Seriously, why is it that nothing is ever cookie-cutter or goes according to textbook with me?!  GRRRRRR......

But besides that little additional fear, this year's holiday was pleasant.

  • A replacement car was purchased Friday night.  
  • Some snuggling with Mr LKP occurred at the community bonfire Mini-Me's school hosted and we helped with (no stress, we definitely kept it G rated, I assure you), also that night.  
  • Cards, orchids, & other flowers were delivered to our moms & grandmas on Saturday.  
  • Sunday I received my token candy bar at church, taught Sunday School for one of my fave classes to sub, and then taught my Beehives 3rd hour.  (They received & wrapped their dry erase boards for their moms at the end of church.  The part I relished the most were the squeals of delight & exclamations of how pretty they looked!  Score & score.)  
  • Then the rest of the day was spent at home, resting.  A lot.  Well icing & heating & icing & heating & icing my poor back/neck + resting in between.

My Mother's Day card didn't show up until Tuesday... AM... in my purse... I discovered it AFTER Mr LKP & Mini-Me were long gone... just before I walked out the door for the office.

A little belated?  Yes.  Punctual for their comedic timing?  Most definitely!

Worked out great to get a card 2 days late though.  Started out as a painful morning that would later grow into a very painful day & I needed an extra reason to smile in order to get me through.  So they couldn't have given me a more perfect gift!

Ummm... oh yeah, the first of my bulbs bloomed over the weekend.  It's a lovely Double Daffodil White Lion.  I'm kinda-sorta in love with it!  (I mean, how can I NOT be?  Look at all the texture in that "mane"!)

As for other useless info you could probably live without updates:  
There's a mama Kildeer who's been awfully industrious in our driveway (lucky little sucker!)... and she's awfully busy trying to deflect the attention of hawks, our dogs, our cats, + that of OTHER neighborhood critters away.  Crazy how no matter the species, mamas are ALWAYS deflecting & protecting, right?  Man, we are ninjas!
Mr LKP has finally reseeded the yard devastation he recently leveled out.  In actuality it'll be quite lovely when its all finished, not just to look at but to enjoy walking barefoot in... and playing badminton or volleyball on.  Can't wait!
Of all my seed starts, my broccoli has sprouted green first.  It's so wonderful!  Homegrown broccoli is one of our greatest delights in life.  Hoping that our table will host MANY homegrown meals this year.  (BTW, if you're looking for a great documentary -which of course you are, cause an obsession with documentaries is healthy AND normal, duh!- then pull up "FRESH" on NetFlix.  It's very well done.  NOT shock-factor, conspiracy-theory-like with "Food Inc."  Just makes absolute perfect sense is all.  Makes the promise of our garden that much sweeter now!)
....Ah well, let's hope my kid-bearing fears can be eased soon, and come this fall we'll be able to make plans for Mini-Me to not remain an "Only" any longer.  That's my goal... OUR goal, I guess.

In the meantime, the new wheels need a good name.  She's a blue 2011 Nissan Versa.
So far the only suggestions have been "Nessie the Nissan" ... "Vera the Versa" ... "Vice Versa" ... and "Trixie."  All clever, but none just want to roll right off the tongue.  (Not gonna lie, everytime I look at her I think of my Bailey Blue radio days... but there's not an easy way to connect ALL THOSE dots & make it short + to the point.)  So, if you've got ideas, please share.

Alrighty-then, I'm shutting my yap & am out the door to the doc's to get my prized-livestock-shot-in-the-butt, then to my massage therapist & wrapping it all up with a chiro adjustment + update on that shifted pelvis.  Shall be even more incredibly sore by the time I wind up back home.  But it's all for the best (I keep repeating over & over), all for the best.

Last Note:  Mini-Me's HS softball team is headed to districts RIGHT NOW.  Please say a little prayer for them, okay?  (Well at least for Mini-Me, I don't want her heart-broken if she sees no time on the field since she's a freshman.)  No matter the final score, I hope they all feel like they played their hearts out today.  Thanks, doubly!!


Brittany H said...

I sure hope everything goes well for you with all this treatment! stinky about the pelvis thing sheesh. I'm praying for you.

I'm glad it was a good mother's day. Thanks for being one of those awesome examples of a mom to me. You rock.

Love kildeer! We usually have some in our front yard, but this year they all got scared away. I miss watching those mamas guard their little eggs with their life. So cool.

2browndawgs said...

I am way way behind and for some unknown reason, I have been having trouble getting your blog to load. Sorry to hear that you had a rough Mother's Day. Hope things have improved. The new car is cute as a button. :)

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