Wish as my little OCD mind can, June Cleaver I am not.

Today is a perfect case in point. I've done very little compared to all that I would've loved to have mastered today, it now being past 4 in the afternoon.

No lie, I:
  • scribbled some thoughts (okay they were sketches or doodles more so than written thoughts) in my YW notebook.
  • salvaged a tiny bit more sleep, to add to what little I got the night before - those hot flashes be damned!
  • sent off a little message to my sweet friend in Australia since, due to a crazy dream that landed the entire Ranch relocated to her neck of the woods, she's definitely been on my mind. (I promise there has been no Man from Snowy River or Quigley Down Under watched amidst my weeks of NetFlix, I swear. So it was completely out of the blue.) 
  • rebuked a couple of out of control, sexist, ego-maniacs in one of my Pro Photog groups, via a scathing retort from my Blackberry - from my sick bed - via our group's FB forum.
  • mentally plotted & planned a Rice Krispie treat Valentine for Mini-Me & Mr LKP - though I have yet to make it materialize (picture this: marshmallow mix dyed red, set Krispie treats cut out with heart-shaped cookie cutter, and then RK hearts half-dipped in chocolate... perhaps with sprinkles dusted across the tops... whadda ya think?).  Again, it being this late in the Vday game, they may not come about until 11pm, if at all. But that's my plan...

So what am I getting at?

Well June Cleaver or not (mind you, not a single Valentine's Day decor item went up this year...and that wooden heart's out year-round, except Christmas, so it doesn't count) ITS ALL ABOUT THE HEART.

Throw fanfare & great expense out the window.

If those you love know where your heart's at, then it'll be a more than splendid holiday indeed, without all the feelings of validity vs. inadequacy rising or falling based on how deep the new hole in the pocketbook now is or how creative you did NOT get with the pancake batter this morning!  (Perhaps in some Vday trade for some gourmet-looking RK treats Mr LKP will paint my toes bright pink for me?! Oh yes, splendid indeed!)  Just sayin'.

In case you were wondering, yes. Despite my healing leaving me more like the Tortoise and less like the Hare, yes Rommadon (the LKP/Romm family's holy month & a half of riotous celebrations) has commenced. Kicked it off with Mr LKP's 32nd birthday this weekend, and I'm aiming for it to just pick-up more momentum as my healing progresses!



wendy said...

You are right...it's not able how many hearts we decorate with (albeit they are lovely)
it is about THE HEART.
I say Decorate our world with all the love in our hearts with compassion and service and well, LOVE.

Your hubby is just turning 32. Gosh, that is the age of my daughter (my third child)
Heck, I could be your mom. ..(tee,hee)

Cherie said...

You crack me up girl!!! I love that you rebuked sex maniacs - ha ha!!!
This is the time for everyone to wait upon you as you continue healing!
You have the biggest heart I know so who needs more out as decor!

Keep getting well and enjoy Rommadon (love that!)!

Excited for March!!!

Love ya!

Garden of Egan said...

Those aren't hot flashes, they are power surges! You rock them girlfriend!

Hope Rommadon was a great holiday!

mCat said...

Love the idea of the rice krispy treats. I would have never come up with something so... so...."crafty". Well done.

Valentine's day always seem so cheesy to me. I was glad to be on a cruise and not expected to do any of the other gushy stuff.... : )

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