Grateful for...

  • Mondays spent with my husband, in front of NetFlix.
  • Mondays spent picking up Mini-Me from her first basketball practice of the season.
  • Mondays spent hearing how hard the coaches worked the girls out on their first day back.
  • Mondays spent hearing how much Mini-Me relished each drop of sweat she shed.
  • Mondays spent witnessing how impressed & excited Mini-Me is at her own increased physical abilities.
...Mondays spent being pleased to be a wife & a mother.  (Those Mondays truly are a gift!)

“During my professional career as a doctor of medicine, I was occasionally asked why I chose to do that difficult work. I responded with my opinion that the highest and noblest work in this life is that of a mother. Since that option was not available to me, I thought that caring for the sick might come close. I tried to care for my patients as compassionately and competently as Mother cared for me.
Many years ago the First Presidency issued a statement that has had a profound and lasting influence upon me. “Motherhood,” they wrote, “is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels.
Because mothers are essential to God’s great plan of happiness, their sacred work is opposed by Satan, who would destroy the family and demean the worth of women.” 
~Russell M. Nelson (“Our Sacred Duty to Honor Women,” Ensign, May 1999.)

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