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Remember this small undertaking from a little less than a month ago?
BTW, thanks again to SLOVLY for the lovely art featured throughout our event's motif!   
(Sabrina's so amazingly talented & sweet to work with!)

Well, here's the only pics I've seen from it (since I was going a million MPH on zero sleep in 72 hours).  Thanks to Cherie who always is sweet, and dependable.... and ALWAYS has her camera handy for documenting!  (People's she's seriously THE greatest!)  Her little getaway to my neck of the woods was in part because she wanted to come get her Creativity on!  You can read more about her & her honey's adventure here.
Isn't Cherie so beautiful?  Happy people are the most lovely people in the world, ya know.
Now, if you'll be so kind as to erase that hideous image of my sleepless face & make-up free double-chins from your mind, I'll be eternally grateful.  Thanks, you're a gem!

NGL, grateful the event went well.  Grateful the RS has decided to hold a "finish-it" night for November's activity night, so those sisters who didn't get to attend, or signed-up for more than they could knock out that day can complete their projects.  Grateful my brain mostly survived.  Grateful for the experiences I had in that calling over the past year.  Extremely grateful to now simply teach the Beehives in Young Women.  No more big events....

K, I say that, however we've got Young Women in Excellence in the next couple weeks.  Perhaps I spoke too soon.  :)

Anyhow, thanks for wanting the update.

P.S.  There are other updates still to come that I've promised you over the last 12 months.  They will come, seriously.  Just know that I'm in my catching-up mode.  So they may seem random.  But I just want to make good on my promises is all.  So thanks for continuing to hang in there, on the edge of your seats, with bated breath.  Yep, you SO rock the Casbah!

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Valerie said...

Lots of cool projects!
Your YW comment made me laugh! :)

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