Where Our Time's Gone

Well, lots has been happening lately in regards to the Ranch.  As I scramble to locate photo proof of our adventures, for now I'll leave you with the following images from this past Saturday night.  Mini-Me's first homecoming dance.  She and her gal pal went stag, and had probably one of the best nights of their lives!
  • Dress is compliments of a vintage dress shop visit with her daddy.  VERY Audrey Hepburn ala Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Hair is thanks to the talents of Mr. LKP's cousin Shellie.  
  • Accessories are thanks to Mr. LKP's mom... her seamstress talents, and impeccable eye for style!  
  • The red 'Stang was compliments of my dad.  
  • And the chauffeuring service + dinner was provided by Mr. LKP & I.

(SIDENOTE:  The girls were in agreement that the red Mustang was hands-down, waaaaay cooler than the limo a bunch of their friends rented!  Everytime Mr. LKP gave it a little more gas, we'd hear the girls' giggles erupt from the back.  Mini's friend even gasped "That's good stuff right there!" the first time the mustang sped up a little.  It was adorable how much they enjoyed their evening.  So nice to know they had a great time, and even more re-assuring to know that Mini-Me has fabulous friends who are safe & good kids.  We even grandparents' house hopped, and her friend was so gracious, kind & well-mannered.  What a treat to have two young ladies that evening who knew how to behave like proper young ladies!)

We've also got a Homecoming class float, Grange meetings, volleyball games, and a Create event (aka Super Saturday) to show for our time away from the blog.  So.... until I've got pics from some of those, these'll have to do.  :)


tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

ohmyword!! love love love!!

2browndawgs said...

A mustang is way cooler than a limo...any day. The girls look so grown up! (and beautiful :))

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Your daughter is just gorgeous just like her mother!! So fun and just awesome pictures!

Garden of Egan said...

Tell her to stop it right now! I mean it! Quit growing up and being so stinking beautiful!

So happy that she could go with a friend and have a blast.

It sounds like once again, you are busier that ever.
Cherie's blog told the story. You are so stinking cute!!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiufl! And I love the fact that she and a friend went stag! GO THEM!


Valerie said...

That CANNOT be your little girl! Why are these kids growing up on us??

Chels said...

She is SO gorgeous! Love the dress - good choice!

Anonymous said...

She looks awesome! I miss you guys.


Heather said...

That is awesome they went stag! I love that they had the Mustang! That is awesome! Your daughter looked beautiful! Her hair was awesome!

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