My mail ladies were soooo jealous that I have someone who sends me beautifully wrapped packages.  No lie.  The huge box was wrapped in the most lovely purple butterfly wrapping paper, taped to high-Heaven, and labeled for shipping.  Just like that!

I was tickled when I opened this package, and had intended to toss a post together about it 2 days after it arrived.

...literally, it was on my to-do list for the day of August 15th.  However, nothing on that list got any attention since that was the morning the unexpected call about Grandpa came.

Funny thing is, she had no clue to timing.  When I've been bluest the past few weeks, all I have to do is glance at my kitchen and there's her love just sitting on the counter.  Thanks, Cherie.  You're the sweetest!  ::hugs::

In case you any of you were wondering, Grandpa's memorial BBQ over Labor Day went well.  It was nice to sit and enjoy everyone's company.  Having a casual occasion in his honor just felt right, and was so relaxing.  The words shared in his memory were filled with humor and honor.... they were beautiful.  I have a feeling he's up there, quite pleased with how we've handled things so far down here.  (Thanks for wondering.  ::hugs::) 

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Cherie said...

It's exciting to me to see it in your kichen with a book on it! Glad you like it.
As for the purple rose ball - after burning my fingers, hands and arms I decided everyone needs to own one - Ha Ha!

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