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Nope.  No sketches this time.

I know.  I'm lame-sauce.  But I've also been without time, which yields limited creativity.

This is more about the Relief Society weekday meetings we've held, that I've busted my can over publicity for.  Was scanning through my files, and they're kinda rad.  (Of course I'm biased.)

But I figured if sharing them here was gonna do anything for anyone outside of my brain, perhaps it will be that these examples will serve as inspiration... whether as what you can grab hold of and run with for your ward... or what NOT to attempt in your ward.

Take 'em as you will.


(Okay, no its not my original image creation, just a revamp on the CAN idea.  Still was a hit!)

(This one's in the works.... and materializing well in my head.  Kinda thanks to the inspirations below... but we'll see how it translates into reality.)
Keep your fingers crossed for us on this fun little evening.... not to mention on the plans for our Super Saturday coming up the following month as well!  Loads of inspiration is coming now, just hoping we'll have a committee in place by then, and all the dominoes just fall into place from there.  :)


NaDell said...

Those all look like so much fun! I'm totally jealous.....but inspired by your (and possibly a committee) great ideas. Thank you so much for sharing them. I really want to crash your latest party, but I'd better not. =)

Anonymous said...

Okay, you are definitely the one that magnifies her calling!! These are great and would make even ME tempted to go to RS. : )


2browndawgs said...

Those are really great!

Cherie said...

I wanna come to your Super Saturday - when is it?

S.I.F. said...

Those pictures from the garden party are gorgeous! What great inspiration!

Rad Rachel said...

Yes, I'm a little late, but I just had to tell you that these are adorable. Really. The house of order one is so perfect. You have a talent.

Also, I just read the 9/11 post and it was wonderful. Thanks for that goodness.

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