With All the Blogger Shingdig-Hopping Going On....

...and future plans being made for me to attend 2012's CBC event next spring with my Bear Lake ladies, Mr LKP stated tonight that he's going to put-on/host his OWN blogger gala locally.  Something along the lines of "Mr-Damn-LKP's Blogtopia 2012."  Not sure how well it'd go over, nor how hillbilly it'll become, especially with some of his proposed ideas for a marketing campaign.

Like this, maybe for print:

...and this, maybe for online distribution:

...and finally, no convention of any sort is complete without T-Shirts:

(You've got to know StrongBad to really understand... + know how crazy about ANYTHING StrongBad Mr LKP & Mini-Me are.  Like this classic SBemail or this other, equally entertaining, if-not-more-so, SBemail.)

It takes all kinds, people.  :)
What more can we say?

".....YES I'M AWESOME!!!!"


Cherie said...

Oh Hell!
The "Why Jog when you can blog" already had me rolling but that picture up there is


Anonymous said...

I obvio choose to blog before I choose to scrub! But job before blog? Blasphemous!


Valerie said...

You better be careful~ next thing ya know you'll have a thousand bloggers signed up for Blogtopia! I'd totally come!!!

Garden of Egan said...

Mr Romm really is a little bitter isn't he?
Maybe competetive.

Oh hell blogtopia the blogginator will be a best seller.

Love ya my friend!

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