Just Gonna Say...

I went through and spent some time cleaning up the premises over at www.LatchKeyPhotography.com and it's looking mighty prime, as opposed to what it LOOKED like less than 24 hrs ago. That is, if I do say so myself! ;)

Now, please don't confuse this as bragging. Since its not. There's just something about purging, and consolidating, and better-organizing that sets one's heart free.  Even online.  (No joke.  I feel the same way when I manage to reorganize my "bookmarks" on my Firefox toolbar!)  

...That, and the new camera bag I'm awaiting in the mail.
(Thank Heavens for Amazon.com... and we'll just ignore that Canon in there, m'kay?!)

...AND my new speedlight that can't arrive fast enough!
(Woot! Woot!)

Delivered a phenomenal Senior portrait collection over the weekend, and then heard many raving (and even saw some misty eyes) over it still today!  Definitely felt good.

Plus, I guess I'm just really eager to get out and shoot the bajeebers out of some new up & coming high schoolers! Mostly speaking of soon-to-be Seniors, but there's even some of Mini-Me's pals chomping at the bit to get some modeling in.

I've decided it also feels REALLY good to have the biz card circulating out there, especially on the heels of the phenomenal response to this weekend's Senior delivery.   
What do you think?  I spruced 'em up AND added this on the back: 

Needless to say, I'm stoked!


Lisa Loo said...

Looking fab! How exciting! That bag and light are making me drool!

Valerie said...

So awesome that you have the opportunity to use your talent and hard work in something you love and others can enjoy too!

Garden of Egan said...

What speedlight did you get?

You are so amazing.

I've been reading a ton about photography and trying to use my camera more while I've been vacationing here in Florida.

I've decided I need a speedlight. (I just wanna be light you Sensai)

Heather said...

That is so exciting for you!! I am happy for you! :)

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