i HEART my stylist!

Its an epic occasion.  I believe that garners perhaps just a few words.  (...or maybe more.)

We've been back from eastern Idaho for over 3 years now.  After 1,185+ days, and four other hair professionals, I've FINALLY found a salon & stylist who makes me feel wonderful!

The other stylists are nice, and good at what they do, however I was SPOILED by a phenomenal salon team in Idaho Falls for over 2 fabulous years.  Marci & the gals at The Defining Line really stood by their design philosophy, "Love You Hair, Love Your Stylist."  They were not only NOT beauty school drop-outs, they were artists who had been trained in New York with the Bumble & Bumble Academy!  (Yes, that IS a big deal.)  I'm not gonna lie, the additional training paid off.  They were phenoms with my hair, its chemistry, its crankiness, they way & rate by which it grew.  Phenoms I tell 'ya.

So, finally this many miles away from Idaho Falls, and this many days of again-hating my hair later, my hair quest of misery came to a screeching halt when Kacey from Misbehaven started working her magic!  Pretty much from the point she first ran her fingers through my hair to see what she was dealing with, the healing process began.

(Not my image.  Totally borrowed it AND the logo from Misbehaven's site.)

What else is even cooler is that Kacey and I grew up in the same one-horse, country town together.  Her older sister and I were good friends since first grade, and graduated together.  (Matter of fact, Mr LKP & Kacey's sister had a joke going all their young lives about being kismet since they share the exact same birthday.  Which is sort of a riot, considering the fact that Mr LKP's best friend & I share the exact same birthday as well!  ...And stranger yet, Mr LKP's best friend is now Kacey's cousin-in-law.  But that's how us country kids roll apparently.  LOL!) 

What's funny about Kacey's hair career is that she's been doing this for YEARS.  Now, I'm pretty good about staying up on what our childhood friends are up to, especially if they're in the beauty industry (maybe that's weird but one of my besties is a stylist in another town, so its kinda just something I have always kept track of).  Despite that fact, the funniest part is that for some reason I did NOT remember Kacey having gone to beauty school.   Not at all.  (I know, right?!)

Amidst some recent vocal grieving for good old Marci & airing some of my frustrations over the past 3 years' worth of hair-blah, it was actually Mr LKP who suggested I give Kacey a call, since he (of all people) had heard that she had recently been in New York for some continuing-ed type training!  C-RAZ-Y, no?!

So, I gulped down some guilt, left a break-up message on the machine at my old salon (don't judge me), and immediately called over to Misbehaven.  (Kinda worked out the voicemail way, not just cause I was chicken, but because my old stylist wasn't quite back from maternity leave yet.)

Now, Mini-Me has been unhappy with her perm from last year, as well as with the 2+ hours it took to straighten her perm with an iron.  So, due to her pulling her grades up and tackling some big stuff over Spring Break, we made our maiden appointment with Kacey & Maile (pronounced: "my-lee") to have a keratin straightening & a good solid cut done for Mini-Me.

Maile handled the keratin treatment/process (which is lovely since its NOT a chemical process, it's WAAAAAAY healthier.... pricier, but uber better).  Then Kacey had Mini-Me literally STAND as she zeroed-in on trouble areas, slithered out some bulk, sliced in some longer layers, and took about an inch of dry ends out of the fray.

Mini-Me left the salon a WHOLE new person!  Obviously with the perm out, her hair looked longer and the texture had improved immensely.  But after Kacey got in there & regulated, Mini-Me's hair looked EVEN longer, more vibrant, and had SWING to it!

Well that's all the convincing I needed.  I booked a cut.

After shampooing, Kacey took a cocktail of protein & avacado oil through my hair to bring my pH-balance to an "about-face."  Then she eliminated about two dry inches off the ends, and lightened up the sheer weight of my hair & bangs.  Plus, for better structure and movement, she added some balanced layers.  Let me tell ya, people, layers have ALWAYS scared me.  However, when Kacey finished blowing my hair out, it. was. perfect.  (...and my hair's not been PERFECT for a very, very long time!)

I think I MAY just love my hair MORE than I did while in Idaho....so (sorry DL girls - forgive me), I MAY just love my stylist here even MORE!  

If you're in the south-eastern Washington/north-eastern Oregon/or even western Idaho area, contact the resident artisans at Misbehaven Salon & Spa.  If you want my recommendation, Kacey's my personal fave (Maile's magical as well, as we saw with Mini-Me).  But they're all inspired... and talented... and amazing at Misbehaven.  You cannot go wrong!

Serio.  Get that appointment you've been dying to have ALL YOUR LIFE! 

Trust me, you deserve it!


ericksonzone said...

That is so great that everything worked out so well...so over-the-top well. I have not had a good cut since...a long time...3 -4 years. I just finally got one that I like. I think I finally have it figured out. Now we're moving and it's on to find another. :)

Siera said...

I have not been able to find a sytlist I love for years! Woo hoo! Too bad I live no where near you! Please post some pics! I would love to see your new do's!

Garden of Egan said...

Mini Me's hair is darling!
I wanna see pictures of your hair!!!!!

I can't believe you are snubbing IF.

It is awesome that you finally found one. Too bad though, because then you would have had an excuse to come and stay.

Lisa Loo said...

COngrats--it can be a nightmare finding a stylist that fits! My #2 daughter had my haircut down to a science--what am I going to do while she is on her mission??!

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