Sweet Styiln'

Got quite the nod today from our friends over at 2browndawgs today.  Apparently the Ranch's got some sweet style goin' on.  (I mean I definitely thought so too, but I'm VERY biased.  So, ya know.) 

Big huge THANKS to our fellow Chessie friends for this magnanomous award!  You should definitely check out all the work that those 2browndawgs are doing, and all the fun they're having.  They are OUR browndawg heroes!   

To pass the award on?  Well, all of the blogs followed here on the Ranch are followed because they OOZE style.  So it's hard to select just a few....but, here are several stylin' blogs MORE than worth your time (They'll inspire you for sure!):

1.  Ruffled Sunshine --- Pretty sure there's NOTHING that this girl touches that can resist becoming amazing!
2.  Mummy's Dress --- Got kids?  Need ideas to make things stretch?  Nobody re-purposes like this lovely!
3.  karina, ink. --- One cannot visit and then leave this spot of sunshine an unchanged person.  Promise.
4.  Make You Over --- When you look up style in the dictionary, it'll send you to Chelsea, her talents, and her blog!   Seriously, this woman KNOWS style inside & out, backwards & forwards!  :)  Need style help?  Send Chelsea your style-S.O.S.  Cause she's your girl!
5.  dandee --- Heart-warming details are what come flowing out of the cozy brick house...plan on staying awhile.
6.  Passionista Presents:  --- Marilyn appreciates style in many forms, but most impeccably in music!
7.  Beads & Botanicals --- Pure style, captured in glass for forever!  These lampwork artisans are THE most talented out there!
8.  Bakow Babble --- Cherie's just got the most stylish touch that she adds to everything, whether it's her daughters' wedding receptions, her beautiful home, OR a church activity!
9.  Single Infertile Female --- This woman's got mega style when it comes to her approach to life!  No joke, her style when coping with obstacles, especially infertility which is kinda holding our lives hostage here on the Ranch, make her one of our heroes as well!  

10.  Welcome to the Garden of Egan --- Tauna's our stylin' homegirl, cause she rocks some stylin' crafts, some stylin' chocolates, some stylin' meals, some stylin' hospitality & warm-fuzzy-feel-good kinda skillz, and lastly she's got a GARDEN full of style!  So really she ROCKS the style department!  Plus, she being the gal who introduced us to Christmas Pickles for the first time really garnered her a whole TRUCK-LOAD of style points in our book!

Where all are so great, I would be sure to have your suvviest pair of socks on, and the most delicious mug of cocoa or cider with you...and perhaps a refill as well...I think it may take an afternoon or so to soak in all the loveliness and laughter in that is their magnificent styles!


Valerie said...

Congrats on the award! I'll have to check out the blogs that I don't know cuz I know you have great taste and I don't doubt that they're all great.

karen★ said...

first - congrats! that's so cool...and of course you're stylin'!

second - i got a little teary eyed as i read the little blurb after my name. it may seem like a small, insignificant thing, but what you said was so genuine & kind, & it will stay with me for a long long time. thank you so very much. you are the best.

p.s. the chalkboard is done! i just couldn't wait the three days, but it still works just fine! it is the coolest job chart/center for the boys that i have ever seen. i promise i'm not biased....well, maybe a tiny little bit. i'll post pictures tomorrow when the sun is shining again!

p.p.s. did you know i love you? cuz i do. i love you.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely stylin'!

Manomay's said...

You really rock !!


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