Rommadon 2011

It's started.  With less than a bang, but it started nonetheless.

Always kicks off on Mr LKP's birthday, February 12th.

Unfortunately this year, Mr LKP finally got caught up with by a nasty virus, that we were worried may become bronchitis (which he gets quite easily in the past several years).  Therefore, Saturday, he sacked out on the couch all. day.  Just him, some anti-biotics, lots of fluids, and the entire director's-cut "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.  No Sweetheart's dance this year.  No romance.  Not even cake & ice cream at my dad's house.

Instead, Mini-Me and I ran to Costco (I KNOW, on a Saturday = suicide) for groceries.  Then we stopped off at Kohl's to pick up his birthday & Valentine's Day presents (new running shoes, new basketball shoes, new basketball shorts--all thanks to the rock-bottom-priced clearance shoe section and a mega sale on the shorts + a rocking 15% off coupon).  From there we stopped by my dad's to pick up Mr LKP's gift from them (new set of scriptures with his name engraved on them {{bonus points for the name!}}).  Then home to take care of the sick birthday boy.

Apparently Anti-B's and sleep is exactly what he needed, since he was awake and chipper and ready for church the next day.  He was so cute when he was doing the traditional kid-getting-aftering as he told Mini-Me, "Hurry up, 'cause my new scriptures and I have a date scheduled with church!" (Church really did rock, btw.  And remember those crazy ward boundary realignments from a few weeks back that have us now in the new Snake River Ward?  Yeah well, it was announced yesterday that at Stake Conference this next coming Sunday, our stake will be split!  All sorts of changes, everywhere.  And I'm LOVING it!!!)

We celebrated Mr LKP's birthday, along with two other birthdays from earlier in the month, at my in-laws after church.  My FIL jumps at every chance he can to fire up that Traeger grill of his!  :)  This time it was pork roast and it. was. lovely.  Add to that some yummy seasoned quinoa, some buttered green beans, and some special fruit salad made just for me, I wound up with a very full tummy at the end of it all.  Mr LKP had made me a new batch of GF Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies the other night (he added extra honey to the recipe and went non-vegan with MANTECA!), so I enjoyed-me some warm cookies with vanilla ice cream for dessert, and didn't feel left out even in the slightest! 

Enter Today:  Valentine's Day.  Mr LKP headed off to work bright & early.  Mini-Me headed to school.  I laid in bed recovering from a huge allergy-attack followed by a good dosing of Benedryl (...thank you, animals, for the itchy skin, hives, and swollen-shut left eye!  Next time keep whatever you've rolled in to yourself, 'mkay?  I don't want it, and I definitely DON'T want it all over my bed anymore!  Apparently you meant well with the gesture, but next time, just don't.).  Pulled myself outta bed and into the shower around 10am, and then to the computer to put together some valentines for Mini-Me's fellow basketball girls (as they all played their last game of the season in a town about 45 minutes away tonight).  Met one of the other basketball moms at the school around 1pm to put 'em all together (approx. 30, including scorekeepers, coaches, and their bus driver).  Turned out so cute!  Here's what was on the outside of each brown-paper sack:
Inside was a bottled water, a clementine, some fruit snacks, some trail mix, and some pretzels.  All healthy, and perfect prior to a game. I didn't make it to the game due to the distance, but the girls played well.  They went into overtime, and then only lost by one point!  Mini-Me said it was their best game of the entire season.  I figure if you're gonna go out, then do so on the highest note possible.  And that's exactly what those scrappy girls accomplished tonight!  :)  She was so proud!

To celebrate the end of her first-ever basketball season, she & I went to dinner at one of our favorite little local joints.  (Just her & I since Mr LKP's out of town with work tonight.)  It was fun because everyone that entered the place was two-by-two.  Veeeeeerrrrry romantic!  Since Mr LKP got new running shoes, and Mini-Me got a new book for their Valentine gifts from me, I decided that for MY gift I wanted to treat  someone else to their dinner.  So, Mini-Me & I were on a mission all night as we ate, and watched every couple who came through the door.  We watched to see what people were ordering (as we didn't want to pay for their alcohol).  Then finally, just before we were ready to leave, she & I looked at each other and knew EXACTLY which couple would be our special couple.  They were so sweet.  Mid-twenties.  Clean-cut.  She was dressed in her nicest dress, he was in a handsome button-up shirt and tie.  He was so polite and attentive to her.  They'd been offered a small table for two near a window, yet had asked instead to be seated at a larger round table in the center of the restaurant, this way they could sit beside one another.  They talked the WHOLE time, and always looked each other in the eyes.  It was encouraging to see two people in a restaurant full of couples, who were NOT attached still to their phone or digital device.  It was nice to see them invested in one another.  So they were our couple!

We paid as we left, and took care of their meal, and our tip just before walking out the door.  As Mini-Me and I were buckling-up, she said to me, "Mom, I will always wonder what their reaction was."  Just before I put the car in reverse, I happened to glance up and see our server talking to the couple, motioning to our old table.  I told Mini-Me, that we had just been given a glimpse at that reaction.  She looked and saw that our server was smiling ear-to-ear, and the gentleman smiled as he shook his head puzzled at the gesture.   With that, we were gone.  Not wanting to linger too long.  It was THE best Valentine's present ever.  My heart was warm, my eyes were wet.  And my daughter got to witness how miraculous it felt to be part of a blessing.  :)

So, Happy Valentine's Day to each of you & your families.  (We haven't forgotten you, just have been busy.)  Also, Happy Day #3 of Rommadon!  May it only get better from here.  :)


jen said...

What a great idea. I'm so doing this next time we're out to dinner.

ericksonzone said...

Loved the whole thing! Sorry to hear that your allergies were knocking you out. :( How fun that you got to go out with your girl. Isn't it so fun to pay for someone else. We had someone do that for us. When they told us that our meal was taken care of and that the person had called ahead because they knew where we were going, I realized why the workers were all looking at us with knowing, starry looks. They were feeling the fun of the kindness that someone paid to us, or rather for us. Very cool!

M-Cat said...

I love this idea and Splenda Daddy and I are totally doing this next time we go out!

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