New Blogging Plan

So, I'm trying to balance life more effectively.  And after the past 6 weeks we've had here on the Ranch, balancing is requiring a huge OVERHAUL of our day-to-day life.

Blogging is not immune.

I still have my designated blogging days, however I had a brainstorm.

As awesome as my Google Reader is, it was becoming a source of grief in my life.  I'd see all this blogging activity mass-producing at exponential rates (posts counting OVER 400+), and feel guilty for missing every single detail.

Problem with catching every detail in the blogosphere?  Then I miss every detail going on in my family.
I hate having to choose, but those who know me and love me will understand when I say that I am choosing my family (and my own sanity) first.

But this doesn't mean I want to lose touch either.  Just everything in moderation.

Therefore, my Google Reader got put on the chopping block and is now no longer.  I've simplified my iGoogle homepage, so I get the necessary basics at first glance.  All of my favorite blogs have been moved to my extended toolbar which pops up on the side.  This way I can just go down the line when I find the time, and see what updates and details have come through in your life since the last time I stopped in.

To me, it seems simple-enough... 

Trust that you are all there.  My screenshot only shows so much.  And oddly enough it's NOT all in alphabetical order!  (Which is VERY bizarre for me, thank you to my OCD.  ::wink::)  I promise.

So, know that I haven't given up on you all.  I just had to reorganize my priorities and what is competing for my attention.  If it seems like a long time since my last comments on your turf, don't fret.  I'll be back.  There's just gardens to plan, dirt to move, sagebrush to rip out, "ranching" to do, Mini-Me's softball to run around for, 8th grade fundraising to do, photos to shoot, Mr LKP's scouts to help out with, RS activities to plan & carryout, single-parenting to do when Mr LKP's out of town working, life to live, and breathing--as well as sleeping--to corner the market on. 


Know that you're still in my heart and on my mind, even if the Ranch sounds a bit quiet.

BTW, if you're at all interested in what's competing for my attention from my nightstand, it's these books:
All are great reads.  Nab one if you're in need of some healthy reading!


Cherie said...

Good for you Ms. Keely - We all need a plan to keep our life in balance!! I love your organization and all your cool books too!

Valerie said...

Seeking that elusive balance requires adjustments from time to time.
I am learning to be really picky about the blogs I follow and consider my "faves". Otherwise, it just becomes too consuming!

LKP said...

both you ladies hit the nail on the head. i'm tired of being consumed. i'd rather run my life than have my life run me. :)

love you gals!


Garden of Egan said...

Very smart my friend. It can be overwhelming.
I'm such an idiot that I have never figured out what a google reader is......so I just may be overwhelmed and I dont know it.

I can't even think about a garden yet. Way too much cold and snow.

S.I.F. said...

This makes PERFECT sense my friend, and I'm actually a little jealous of your brilliance! I have been finding myself SO overwhelmed by my blog list lately... you are a smart smart woman my dear! ;)

M-Cat said...

Interesting that you should post this since I have been toying with the idea of ditching my reader all together and actually going private. Something in my life needs to go. Just struggling to find what exactly those things should and can be.

karen★ said...

looooove this post! i've never heard of igoogle and it looks completely awesome...like something i need right now. i'm going to skip the 400+ posts in my reader too....we are the SAME!!! and research it.

i miss you my dear. i hope you are having the best tuesday night ev-ahhh!

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