today, more than yesterday...

sounds dramatic, but 100% true:
i am happy to be alive.

generic?  maybe.
precise?  exactly.

almost died today on the drive home from mini-me's orthodontic appointment.
and not in a "that jerk just cut me off and almost ran me off the road" kinda way. 

had just dropped her back at school.  pulled out on the highway.  had accelerated up around 40 mph and was increasing speed, when instead of hitting the button on my bluetooth to end a call....
i slammed my transmission in reverse.

don't know why.
i'm normally a great driver.
i can count every traffic ticket i've received in my life, still, on one hand. 

it was a "put the milk away in the cupboard instead of the fridge" sort of freakish moment.

my body aches from my car's rough jerking towards the center median & my attempts at correction. 
my nerves are still firing at the sensation of tires releasing pavement, repeatedly in the same second. 
my head's still pounding from the adrenaline....and its been 2 hours since it all happened.

luckily, Providence had His hand in it, and my engine cut out as it should have....and my vehicle didn't roll....and there was no traffic bearing down on me yet, thanks to the red light in my rear-view mirror.

at least my breathing's back to normal.

it was more than a wake-up call.
it's a gratitude call.

i am grateful to still be here for my daughter.... to still be here for my husband.... to still be here for my calling.... for all the things i still have to take care of at the end of the day....

there's still so much i have to do.

today i am happy to be alive.

luv u.  ::hugs::


Chels said...

Gosh. How SCARY! I'm SO glad you're alright. Those kind of experiences keep me anxious for days.

Ann Marie said...

Super scary!!
It's moments like these that make us more cautious in the future!

I'm grateful you are OK!

NaDell said...

Yikes. How's the transmission?
I'm glad you made it home alright. No more driving for today?

Garden of Egan said...

Wow Keeley! That is just scary! I'm so so so glad you are just shaken up. I work where I see more than shaken up.
HUGS and love to you!

Connie said...

How frightening! Good grief, it takes a long time to get back to normal after an incident like that! Glad it turned out OK. You must have had an angel with you, my dear!

Cherie said...

Keely that was really scary to read. I am so glad you are alive too!! I don't have that button on my car so unsure what it does but PLEASE do not press it again!! Love ya!

M-Cat said...

Holy freakin COW! I am so glad you are okay! Crap- I hate moments like this - too scary, but grateful for the outcome!
love you!

Lisa Loo said...

THose things should never happen to people I know!!! AAAHH!! I am so grateful you are alright--please keep us posted...

LKP said...

ummm...let's see. finally settled down enough to take a nap this afternoon. after that, i made mr LKP do my driving tonight. the RS activity went well, since i got to sit most of the time. early enough i could go give volleyball a whirl, but i'm kinda nervous to drive tonight. so i may stay home anyhow. am having some slight chest pains, not sure if its indigestion or just stress. either way, i'm ok. just a little rattled still. good thing i don't HAVE to drive anywhere else this week, that i know of. perhaps a few episodes of wizards of waverly place on netflix and some hot cocoa is in order tonight.
thank you for all of your love & concern. :)
love to you all.

S.I.F. said...

That is terrifying friend!! I am so glad you're OK!! Please be safe!

tracie @ tsj photography said...

ohmyword!!! i've heard of terrifying things happening by doing that, and it's always been one of those hidden fears i have.

SO grateful all is well!!!

terramisu said...

Holy Moly- That sounds totally like something I would do. Glad ur okay. WOW!

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