Our HillBilly-dom has Arrived

 For Family Home Evening tonight, we called coyotes
...in housewares
...and on the escalator
...and in the petites department
...of our local Macy's. 

No. lie.  

I only WISH I was making this stuff up.  
(We = Mr LKP & Mini-Me...I was trying on slacks for my week of filling in back at the office.)


S.I.F. said...


Oh how I love you friend!

Garden of Egan said...

Is that a cyote whisperer or something?

Are you enjoying some snow? I'm not. We are having....I am not enjoying.

Enjoy you work in the back office......but shouldn't you be able to wear jammies in the back office? Slacks are for the front office.
Just sayin.

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