So Christmas May Be Bottled Back Up, But Our Tree's Still in the Running!!!

(Our apologies if you're looking for this week's installment of What I Believe.  It's on hiatus for Christmas break, as we believe that LAST WEEK'S edition was MORE than sufficient for two weeks and then some.)

That's right folks, we don't waste any time when it comes to this Mama Bear reclaiming her living room, post-Christmas.  It was all bottled back up into totes, and stowed away in the pump house for another 11 months.

My floors are swept.

All trash is out at the road.

All gifts are put away.

Our Goodwill box filled with 'old' is full & ready for drop-off.

Any exchanges have taken place at the respective stores.

However, this is merely for my sanity.  The less cluttered, the better....same in the timing.  If it's all drug out past 2 days after, then I go bazerk, heads start to roll, and it's not a very happy new year to come.  Just sayin' since I didn't make the mess alone, then I should have enlisted help to clean it up before Mini-Me returns to school & Mr LKP's back in the trenches of work.

So that was our yesterday.

Last night, I got a lovely email from Jason F. Wright alerting me to a second & final photo contest for 2010....and it's that for our trees!

(Good thing I took a picture before stripping it all down.  Hee hee!)

So a picture of our tree has been submitted, the contest has gone live, and we have until Friday, the 31st, @ 5pm EST to get our tree the MOST "likes" out of any other tree!  (Winner gets a prize basket of every book Jason's ever written, including a copy of one very rad book that's no longer in print: "The James Miracle!")

So people, you're being drafted for the cause.

Go to your Facebook accounts, go to Jason F. Wright's Fan Page and 'like' his page.  Then that allows you to 'like'/vote on the Christmas tree/scene photos (no people in them whatsoever, so that should help you find the right album).  To make it EVEN easier for you, the link to the Gusty Ridge Ranch's tree is right HERE!

Want to know cherry on top of this winning scenario? 

Not only does the family with the winning tree pic score a basket, but one of the 'likers' of the winning tree photo wins a basket of their very own as well!!!!

So, what are you waiting for?  GO! VOTE!!!!

In advance, we thank you for your vote.  You're all MAUVE-L-OUS, dahlings!!!



Please keep my friend, M-Cat, and her family in your prayers as they're facing some heart-wrenching stuff.  We love them immensely, so please help us lift them where each of us stand in whatever way we all can.  Oodles of thoughts & prayers from the Ranch are already headed their direction as I type this.  Please add yours along with.  Thank you.


Garden of Egan said...

The tree is gorgeous. Off to vote.

Hugs and loves.

I'm serious, I want to rent you!

S.I.F. said...

I don't decorate for Christmas, but if I did - I would be the exact same way! Cant stand not having clutter or unfinished products.

And that tree? Beautiful!

Heather said...

I wish I would have saw this earlier today! I will still try and vote though.

I hope you win!!

karen★ said...

doesn't this serve me right for not checking my reader every single day? that tree is absolutely gorgeous...you did a really beautiful job!

i sent you my address in a comment reply from my phone. however, when i actually logged into my actual e-mail account today, i found out that i can't reply to your comments & expect that you will receive them! so rather than looking for your e-mail, here it is...

Karen Wynder
833 W. Crestline Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120

i also added a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF concerning your "secret project"! will you send me a quick e-mail at karinaink@msn.com so that i can send it again? pretty please?

have a completely awesome day!



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