Flash This!

Don't get me wrong.

I've found myself captivated by the flash-mob movement that is sweeping youTube....and I'll admit that the frozen flash mob at Grand Central Station was well-done.  The MC Hammer flash mob in gold lame pants made me miss the 90's.  Beyonce's "Single Ladies" mob at Picadilly Circus was off the chain.  And the Stockholm carnival flash mob was more than impressive.


(Thanks Tauna & Connie, for cluing me in on this one.)  

Note: I am a HUGE fan of Handel's Messiah.  Can't explain it, but I often find myself humming or singing various parts to it ALL.THE.TIME.

No lie.  Almost drives Mr LKP batty, that's how often he hears it coming out of me.  Lol.

When we lived in Idaho, the college he was attending held a sing-along cantata event featuring Handel's Messiah.  So the college choir prepped for the performance....showed up in their gorgeous formal-wear.....soloists at the ready.  Then the community showed up to soak in all the gloriously talented voices....with certain sections of the audience holding the sheet music for certain parts of the piece.  At the appointed places in the performance, those sections would stand and sing along with the choir.

It was mind-blowing!

It felt as though the entire Earth was singing along, as it could be felt through the floors & seating.  To say it made my heart swell would be an understatement.

As Mr LKP, Mini-Me, & I sang along with our section and the choir, I found myself singing through my tears....and loving every minute of it.  I felt honored to be a part of such a beautiful tribute to the Savior.

Haven't been to a performance as moving as that one since....but still, Christmas isn't Christmas without Handel's Messiah in my CD player, in my car, or in my head!

Hope you find the opportunity to enjoy the Messiah somehow this month, whether at a grand event, or quietly treasuring it in your home...or even simply through the video above!

Happy Thursday...Happy 2nd day of December...Happy Handel-enjoying!


gigi said...

I thought this was awesome!!!

Connie said...

It's such a moving video. Wouldn't it be cool to have been there and witnessed it first hand? I bet you'd be up on the table singing right along with the rest of the choir!

LKP said...

lol! you're not even kidding, connie. :)
i wistfully said aloud, "i wish this would've happened at OUR food court and i could've seen it!" mr LKP didn't blink an eye when he said, "shut-up, you'd have been up on one of the tables, belting your lungs out!"
so true. so so true. :)

Chels said...

Gosh. That was amazing. I JUST about cried here at the front desk. I can only imagine that that's similar to what it will be like when He comes again. Sigh. :)

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