I should SO Be in Bed

But my days and nights are all shades of scrambled-up again, as of late.
Not surprising since sickness in the home will do that.

Works out kinda nicely, since I LOVE having the quiet hours to myself.
May sound selfish, but really it's due to the fact that my brain relishes quiet.
So much more comes out of it during the peaceful hours of the night.

On that note, I've been feeling a change a-comin' for a while with the LKP branding.
Nothing super drastic, but different nonetheless.

Here is tonight's accomplishment which I am most delighted about....

These overlays for LKP web previews turned out simple & classy.
Two of my favorite things!

And I'm swooning over my new understated logo.
Isn't it perfectly yummy?

Something about this whole project just feels good.  It flows.
(Now, does that even make as much sense OUTSIDE of my head as it originally did INSIDE my head?)

Other part I'm thoroughly enjoying?  That I was able to set this splendid overlay up as its own pair of PhotoShop actions, and it's EASIER than clockwork...Squeeee!!!!


Normally I'm an old-fashioned girl...as in, I used to think pocket calculators were a fad.  And years ago, I decided not to follow my dream of being a middle school history teacher after all, because I would have had to use a computer rather than getting to use a good old grade-book!  Lol...

But I'll admit right here and right now, that I am grateful for the technological advances that allow my delicately wonderful logos & branding pieces to come about so easily and so precise!

Alright, so with that, I'm actually going to try and sleep.  If that doesn't work I may spend awhile reading....I'm hankering for some Chronicles of Narnia tonight.  Must be November kicking in.

No better way to spend lovely November days than with a mug of cider and some C.S. Lewis.

Cheers to you!


Kim said...

Yeah, you should be in bed getting some good rest ;) Love the pics. They are awesome! November is always a good month it starts with Christmas music, the long awaited movies, delicous smells and good food and last but not least then it's Christmas.

Hope you enjoy the book and get some rest.
Love you.

gigi said...

I like your new logo! Hope everyone is feeling better at your house :)

M-Cat said...

Hopefully everyone is doing better and back on their feet.

Loving the new look!

Lisa Loo said...

LOVE the new logo! LOVE CS Lewis! LOVE cider! Must be twins separated at birth....like Danny DaVito and Arnold S...

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