Grateful for Uplifting Evenings

Getting all dolled-up...
  • First, for a birthday for one of my favorite nieces/2nd-cousins.
  • Second, for the Mindy Gledhill concert tonight, sponsored by this lovely lady!
Can't wait.
Shall be wonderful.

Haven't heard of Mindy before?
Check her out here....or buy/download her CD here (My favorite songs are "Crazy Love"---probably for 
the Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire mention, lol---and "I Do Adore")...or just watch these two lovely videos:

(P.S. I fell in love with Mindy's talent & voice when she did the song "Small Enough" [which IS a fabulous cover of one of Nichole Nordeman's greatest songs ever---close second would be "Legacy" in case you were wondering---but Nichole is a whole other post for the future.]  When you hear Mindy's version, you'll be over the moon as well, I guarantee it!)

Hope your evening is as abundantly blessed!
(BTW, Happy Fast-Sunday, tomorrow!)


Valerie said...

Fun! I heard her sing a couple of songs at an EFY concert a few years ago. She seems to be getting even more popular.

S.I.F. said...

I love her! Thanks for adding a new musical addiction to my ever growing list! :)

gigi said...

I hadn't herad of her until you put this up. I think that I will love her. Love her voice. I hope you enjoy yourself!!

Connie said...

Love Mindy Glehill. She has an incredible voice and awesome songs! Hope it was wonderful!

Nikki said...

I haven't heard of her. She has an amazing voice. Love the photo on facebook :)
Haven't had much computer time over the last week... these long shifts are very exhausting. Off to bed now... got to get up at 5am :(

M-Cat said...

have so much fun at the concert. Mindy's name is getting bigger and bigger....

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