Grateful for Legs

Extensions.  Lower extremities.  Stems.  Also known as 'crus' in Latin.

Hold the phone...What the Wha?!?

Well, I'm grateful for MANY legs...

...for the pair on my chicken since he eats nasty bugs in the yard.  And in newer developments, apparently he kills MICE TOO!  No lie, Mr LKP found a dead mouse in his night pen with beak holes in its head.  Apparently the mouse thought he'd get an easy meal out of the chicken feeder.  That was the mouse's last mistake.  Ha!  Lovin' that free bird.

...for those attached to the bottom of my tabletop; where Mini-Me can do you her homework, where I can make bread or rolls, and where my family gathers for meals, laughter, unity, & many prayers.

...for those of my tri-pod.  They allow me to not miss a thing, and take some awesome, steady photographs!

...for those of an assignment nature.  PW's photo assignment this week is "Four Legs".... so, naturally I had to submit this image of one of my MOST FAVE set of four legs:

...for those on our dogs (Hula the Catahoula, Willow the Pug-Wieney [Sounds Italian almost, huh?], and Linus the gorgeous Chessapeake Bay Retreiver).  Their legs lend much speed & grace in their movements, whether in play or warding off intruders on the property....including nasty coyotes, stray dogs, stray cats, and much to Mr LKP's dismay, stray deer.

...for the pair on my daughter.  They allow her to still be a kid!  As well as play volleyball which makes her blissfully happy & helps lift her confidence.  They also allow her to run....which she hates all times of the year except during track season, lol.

...for the pair on Mr LKP.  They enable him to provide for our family (Can't drive a semi-truck very well without legs)ESPECIALLY ever since his shoulder disability came about, I am extremely grateful he still has fully functioning & pain-free legs which allow him to operate tractors and equipment to work this land he loves so much (of course when he has time to), and to play with Mini-Me & our animals, and to go out with his father & brother on hunts.  He still feels like he can contribute, with his one good shoulder and two perfect legs.  Contribution is vital to him and his esteem.  So I'm very, very grateful!

...for those on our cats.  Not everyone is cut out to be cat people, however we are (Not excessively though...2 is plenty for us).  I love watching all their acrobatics, and nimbleness of feet.  They amaze me, make me giggle, and make me proud when they use those legs to pounce & hunt little rodent beasties, grasshoppers, and snakes!

...for those of my ancestors' who trod all over the world, and eventually journeyed here to America in search of religious freedom.  And then, once they GOT to America, they traveled even further ACROSS America for a life & legacy free from religious persecution.  I am who I am, I know what I know, and I live how I live because of them, their hearts, and their legs.

...for those on a certain couple of donkeys.  The first of which bore a very pregnant Mary many, many miles to Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago.  The second carried the Savior himself into Jerusalem, amidst multitudes of people & waving palm fronds.  They were consecrated legs indeed.
"Journey to Bethlehem" by Joseph Brickey (source: AmericanGallery)
"Jesus Enters Jersualem" by Harry Anderson (source: HubPages-American Artists)

...for those legs that have in the past and will again carry Jesus Christ when He returns!

"And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people."  -Leviticus 26:12

...for the pair I own, as they allow me to practically do ANYTHING (stand, walk, jump, DANCE!).  That includes being the best mom & wife I can be by never slowing down.  They allow me to care for my family, and our animals.  They allow me to serve others, which brings me joy and peace.  Plus I love that they allow me to play volleyball which makes my heart sing!  Sometimes my legs feel most feeble.  Nonetheless they are strongest when they are bent, engaged in prayer.

Legs = such fabulous blessings.

Don't they just make life more livable, more enjoyable, and more worthwhile?


NaDell said...

Legs are fabulous. I was expecting some Little Mermaid comments. But maybe because my little girl was just resting her little legs watching Ariel get some legs. =)

Garden of Egan said...

My gratitude for legs from your post mean something different to me today than it would have yesterday. I cared for a 2 1/2 year old little girl, run over by a truck. Her dad is one of most fabulous internists here.
As we were working on her, I willed/ prayed/ bargained for her legs to work.
I am comforted by your post and pictures that you have of the healers legs. I held the nearly lifeless leggs today and prayed to that healer of all
that he might be mindful of the sweet little legs in my hands.
I needed you today Keeley

M-Cat said...

Funny, I'm a fan of my legs too! Although right now, one is being particularly naughty and until it starts to behave, we are in a fight!

Valerie said...

Great thoughts. :)

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